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The Windows 10 system installed on the computer, in the process of use due to the installation and uninstallation of the program, system optimization, virus avira and our improper operation mistakenly deleted some system files, resulting in unstable operation, and even unable to start, etc. How can we avoid these failures? That is to say, when the system does not fail to start, what method can be used to detect whether the system file is damaged, and if the system file is damaged, how to repair it? As can be seen from the questions of Baidu friends, the vast majority of them are computer problems, boot can not enter the system, and then ask questions for help. No friends think about how to make the computer without system failure before the computer has a system failure (hardware failure is another matter).Such as: Windows 10 system, we can use the file checker to check and repair the system's damaged files, to prevent failure before it happens...

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