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questions :berylico peroxide
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Beryl, with the chemical formula Be3Al2 (SiO3)6, contains beryllium oxide (BeO) 14.1%, alumina (Al2O3) 19%, and silicon oxide (SiO2) 66.9%. Hexagonal crystal system, the crystal is hexagonal columnar, the cylinder surface has longitudinal stripes, the crystal may be very small, but may also be up to several meters long. The hardness is 7.5-8 and the specific gravity is 2.63-2.80. Pure beryl is colorless and can even be transparent. But most of them are green, but there are also light blue, yellow, white and rose colors, with glass luster.
[Visitor (112.0.*.*)]answers [Chinese ]Time :2022-06-04
Beryllium peroxide
Beryllium oxide is an oxide of beryllium, highly toxic, chemical formula BeO, has two sexes, can react with acids, and can react with strong bases. Beryllium oxide is a white powder with a high melting point. For alloys, catalysts and refractories, etc. It can be prepared by combining beryllium metal with oxygen or by heating beryllium salts.

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