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questions :birds in tropical forest
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Literary bird, yellow oriole, cuckoo, sparrow, wax-billed finch, myna, wren, yellow finch, magpie owl, gray starling, jay, yellow oriole, swift, thrush, lark, etc.

Birds are diverse, spread across the globe, ecologically diverse, and birds can be divided into three general orders:

1. Flat-chested general order, including a type of bird that is good at walking but cannot fly, such as ostriches.

2. The general order of penguins includes a class of birds that are good at swimming and diving but cannot fly, such as penguins.

3. The general order of protrusion, including birds with two wings that can fly, most birds belong to this general order.
China has 81 families and 1244 species, accounting for 13% of the world's total bird species, more than the country with many birds - India, more than the whole of Europe, the whole of North America, and one of the countries with the largest bird species in the world. There are 56 species of wild species (various pheasants) of the Chinese pheasant family, accounting for about 1/5 of the world's pheasant family; there are 15 species of cranes in the world, and There are 8 species in China, accounting for about 53% of the world's total; There are 46 species of thrush in the world and 34 species in China, accounting for about 74% of the world's total. China not only has many kinds of birds, but also has many precious specialty species.

First, the northeast: the production of diving birds, grouse, spiny wood finches, rock wrens, peacebirds, etc., of which the species of grouse family has the greatest economic value. Mountain quails and pheasants are also thriving, and are also home to many species of migratory birds.
Second, North China: brown horse chicken, long-tailed pheasant, stone chicken and so on. Flat-billed puffins breed in the eastern coastal areas. There are also some species widely distributed in the Palearctic Realm, such as rock wrens, spiny wood finches, wrens, mountain crows, cross-billed finches and so on. Many southern birds migrate to nest and breed chicks in summer, such as pheasants, pepper birds, capuchins, yellow orioles, embroidered birds and so on.

Third, Mengxin: birds are adapted to desert life, mainly including great bustards, hairy-legged sand chickens, sand larks, sand pengs, sand finches and so on. Red-crowned cranes breed in the swampy areas of the eastern part of the region.

Fourth, Qinghai-Tibet: there are snow chicken, snow quail, plateau mountain quail, Tibetan finches, alpine ground finches, vultures and other alpine species, as well as Tibetan woolly leg sand chicken, sand lark, snow finches and other plateau grassland species.
V. Southwest: In this region, the thrush subfamily and pheasant family are dominant in terms of species and quantity, and there are many specialty species. There are also many northern birds entering the area along the Hengduan Mountains, such as Dai Ju, Whirling Wood Finches, Rock Wrens, Long-tailed Finches and so on. Southern birds are also found in the area such as cranes, sunbirds, and flowerpeckers.

6. Central China: There are species produced in the north in this area, such as gray magpies, white-headed plovers and climbing finches. There are more species in the south, such as many genera and species in the family of whiskers, pepperbirds, thrushes, and. The only specialty species are golden pheasant, yellow-bellied horned pheasant, red-bellied horned pheasant, small falcon, white-necked long-tailed pheasant and so on.
7. South China: Birds are abundant. In addition to the many famous families shared with Central China, there are also most species of parrots, hornbills, biting birds, broadbills, eight-colored plovers, peacebirds and sunbirds. In addition, there are tropical species of other families, such as the original chicken, green peacock, and seamed leaf warbler. There are some endemic species produced in Taiwan, such as blue owls, fire-crowned daisy and so on.

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