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Father's Day Messages

Thank You for Everything

Your youngest daughter

Mitali Mishra

Dear Papaji

You are so selfless. Pouring unconditional love and blessings upon me. The kingdom of heaven abides in you and I hear God's voice each time u call me. My heart rejoices listening to your voice. You are the reason for the dreams I see. I believe in myself because you believe in me.

With lots of Love

Amit Jain
Dear Dad

How are you?

I miss you so much after coming to Delhi. Take care of Mama and yourself. I wish I could spend more time with you when I came down to Bangalore. Staying away from you I have realized the importance of you in my life. Thank you for loving and caring for me so much.

Yours lovingly


Dear Baba

Seeking knowledge under your shelter was like drawing from an ever-widening pool of wisdom and joy. The youngest of cherished memories I draw from my childhood clearly reflect the high values you taught us to live with. Its indeed an art I learnt from you - to balance priorities in life and stand for what I believe in. You have always been the guiding force in my life.

I learnt the true meaning of freedom from you. Freedom, like you say is not what it looks like - it brings choices and many responsibilities. I cannot agree any more on it. I know I have been nurtured and when I turn around, I can feel your silent presence with me always. Thanks for being there.

With Love


Dearest Papa

Miss you a lot. My B'day is coming closer, I wonder what gift you will give me. By the way, from the past few days my watch is giving me trouble. This Fathers Day I am sending you my best wishes as always.

Your Son

Pradeep Dhaka

Daddy u r no longer in my life but u will always be in my heart the only thing that i regret is u not being here when i have my first boyfriend.

Silvia Garcia


When I was born,

You were there to catch me when i fall, whenever and wherever.

When i said my first words,

You were there for me,

to teach me the whole dictionary if need be.

When i took my first steps,

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