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4, language decent thing

Enterprise customers dissatisfied, it is possible to vent discontent verbal statements would verbal excesses, if the service is a contrary, bound to worsen relations with each other, in the process of interpretation, the wording also pay great attention to reasonable, decent and generous, not an opening He said, "how do you oil will not!" "Do you understand the basic skills" and so hurtful language of self-esteem, try to use language to communicate tactfully with customers, even if the customer places unreasonable, do not too impulsive. Otherwise, it will only make the customer disappointed and quickly leave.

5, a little more compensation

After customer complaints or complaints, largely because they use the company's products, their interests, therefore, hold or after customer complaints, often will want to be compensated, such compensation may be physical, such as a replacement product, return , or gift oil use, etc., may also be mental, such as an apology, etc., in the compensation, compensation for companies that have invoices to locate customers, should try to compensate a little more, and sometimes the material and spiritual compensation at the same time, more a little compensation, customers get a bonus, they will understand the sincerity of the enterprise and the enterprise to build confidence.
6, a little higher level

Level of customer complaints and complaints after both want to be taken seriously and problems, often deal with these issues will affect customers who expect to solve the problem of emotions. If the high level of leadership to the customer to personally handle the telephone or in person condolences, many customers will resolve grievances and dissatisfaction with the service personnel relatively easy to deal with the problem. Therefore handling of complaints and grievances, if conditions permit, should deal with the problem as much as possible to improve the level of service personnel, such as the present business leaders to come forward (or service personnel working for a department head) or hire celebrities assistance.

7, means a little more

A result, many companies deal with customer complaints and complaints, it is to give them sympathy, apology or compensation for oil, donated small gifts, etc., in fact solutions to problems there are many kinds, in addition to the above means, invite customers to visit successful business or Customer no such problem arises, or invite them to participate in internal discussions, or give them a reward and so on.

Handling customer complaints and complaint procedures

1, build customer comments table (or complaint registration form) and the like form.

Customer complaints or complaints received information recorded on the form and promptly passed down the table into the hands of service personnel, people in charge of recording to signature confirmation, such as office clerks, receptionists or sales and so on.

2, service personnel after receiving information through telephone, fax or customer location to communicate face to face, learn more about the contents of the complaint or complaints, problems such as product name specifications, production date, production batch number, when to use, performance issues situation, using this brand ago using what brands.

3, analysis of these issues information to the customer instructions and interpretation, regulations and customer communication and consultation.

4, will deal with the situation reported to the leadership, staff put forward their views on the treatment, after approval of the application leading to promptly answer customers.

5, the customer is confirmed treatment plan, signed processing agreements.

6, the protocol is fed back to the relevant authorities for the implementation of the enterprise, for compensation for the product, warehouse shipping notification, for sending small gifts, and so inform the market management issued.

7, the tracking process to implement the results until the customer satisfied reply.

The method of handling customer complaints and complaints

1. Make sure the problem

Carefully and patiently listen to the complainant to speak and listen and record, determine the problem statement in the course of other causes, to seize the key factor.

Try to understand the complaints or the complaints occurred in the whole process, not hear, to use euphemistic tone detailed inquiry, careful not to use offensive words, such as "I request you to speak at once," or "Please wait, I am a little clear ...... "know your customer repeat a question to allow customers to be confirmed.

When you understand the question and seek the views of customers, as they consider how to deal with it is appropriate, what you requirements.

2, analysis of the problem

Not sure in his own case, do not live to conclusions, to be under the judgment, do not light the next commitment.

The issue, in consultation with fellow best service it, or report it to the business leaders together to analyze problems.

Seriousness of the problem, and to what extent?

You have mastered the problem of to what extent? Is it necessary to seek further information and then to other places? After listening to agents such as statements, whether to a particular user, such as a repair shop there to find out.

If a customer's question unreasonable, or without factual basis, how to allow customers to recognize this point?

Solving problems, in addition to the complainants seek financial compensation, are there any requirements? For example, some agents will propose promotions, open stores to help other requirements.

3, mutual consultation

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