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"Carnivorous" plants

A small insects are flying in the air and found a pocket on the ground, this is some of the students are white, red, purple spots pockets, colorful, full of temptation. Pocket there is a small half-open lid, honeydew flavor pocket and small cap comes out, and so this bug could not wait to fall into the pocket to eat honey. Hey, there really slippery ah, like it accidentally slid into the bottom of the bag sitting on the slide. Here are all the sap, insects covered with wet ground, it bag inner wall slippery to climb, climb a few steps to meet the stiff bristles as needles, then looked at the bag, it has closed the morning. In this way, only to be buried bag of worms.

    It turned out that pitcher in an ambush, special trick insects hit the door, and then capture live, slowly digested. What kind of bag that honey water, can dissolve fat, sugar, protein enzymes, and pocket like a stomach, all of the nutrients absorbed.
    Nepenthes such as insect expert, there are many, and then introduce a Venus flytrap, its leaves are divided into left and right halves, are free to open and close like a clamshell general. "Clamshell" edge is not smooth, lined with long, stiff bristles, in case of insects, the "clamshell" quickly closed the bristles staggered forward, "clam" in the secretion of digestive juices, the bug more I want to go out, that "clamshell" knock tighter. Venus flytrap satisfied until the shells open, the left with a shell flies.

    Floating on the pond bladderwort meat most superb artistry. They have with hatches "balloon", there are many to be on the shutter. You must hit the water insect shutter will open, worms in it is drawn into the balloon sailing. Shutter opening action only 1/35 seconds, you can simply fish gills comparable.

    Why are these plants eat "meat" mean? Many of them are born in the original place of nitrogen deficiency, not enough nitrogen to help them synthesize proteins, these plants had to self-reliance, and slowly generated special structure of insect capture bugs to compensate for the lack of nitrogen.

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