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Jingu University

Jingu University was founded in 1921, is now the Hebei University Jingu university's predecessor, the second half of the last century, the domestic top private universities, representing the private religious schools in the country, the highest level in Tianjin.

School reputation

Huang Huang Northland hope universities, industry and commerce alone, said the towering statue, known as the "Oriental Cornell."
Motto ethos

Facts (the earliest)

University Anthem

Science salvation, efficiency of almost Western;

Yumin conservation, depends Commerce and Industry.

Huang Huang my school, squat Watchman Jin Yang;

Lok Yuk lure good, holy, into pillars.

Our students negative odd-owned, such as Jang Kyu;

Qiecuozhuomo, set in a.

A large pool of young people learning ground, day on the moon;

Tibet tour bearing repair, also taught multi.

Shou motto, oath Yongzhi Erfu forget;

Realistic, is into the German Air ladder.

Knowledge date forward, with a strong physique day.

Sam Yuk perfect, two subjects expertise.

Dear Friends of respect for teachers, are learning not to drought.

Bolstering young school, Shu Wan Lan mad.

I wish my school, such as Ling Gang, Viva boundless;

Talented, long time since the fragrance.

School History

In 1921, the French government, request the Holy See approved by the Catholic Diocese of Southeast Zhili French Jesuits in Tianjin, Race Course Road, Qing Ming Taiwan, founded a church school, the beginning of "Agriculture, Tianjin University," re-named "Tianjin Business University "within the church known as the" Sacred Heart School in Tianjin. " This is a Catholic school in China, an important measure to fill the gaps in northern China is no established Catholic University, and Shanghai Institute of Aurora South echoed.

After the establishment of the National Government, the Ministry of Education schools to the national government to declare filing. August 1933, the Ministry of Education, Nanjing National Government Instructions No. 7923, formally approved the filing, due to sub-standard set by the Department of Hospitals nine Division Department of "university", it will be a private school in Hebei province was renamed "Tianjin Business School."

1944 University School renovation plans. 1945 established the Department of Hospitals seven, have begun to take the University of scale. After the victory the school to the National Department of Education officially declared alterations University. October 4, 1948, the National Government Ministry of Education formally approved filing, the Business School was renamed "Jingu private university."

September 19, 1951, the Central People's Government issued by the Ministry of Education (51) high word 1170 Decree approved Jingu to public universities, the private Darren Business School, School of Civil Engineering, Tianjin Jingu were merged into the School of Business, Institute of Technology and the Faculty of Arts at the original university-based Jingu, build Teachers College.

In August 1952, when the national college adjustment, the 3 Series Jingu University Institute of Technology merged with the former Northern University, named Tianjin University; would Jingu University, Nankai University, Institute of Finance 3 Series incorporated; to Jingu University Teachers College based, in turn, Tianjin Teachers College merged, converted at the original site of Tianjin Normal University.

In 1958, Tianjin Normal University, Normal is later changed the name.

In 1959, Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin replaced by the leadership of the same year in July, the CPC Hebei Provincial Committee of Tianjin Normal identified as one of the province's five major universities.

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