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Certified General Accountants Association of Hebei Province

Certified General Accountants Association of Hebei Province, Hebei Province, CPA is composed of industry, non-profit social organization, is China Association of Certified Public Accountants and a member of the local organizations.

English name: HEBEI INSTITUTE OF CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS, abbreviated as: HEBICPA. Certified General Accountants Association of Hebei Province is located in Shijiazhuang City venue. Purpose and mission of the Certified General Accountants Association of Hebei Province: service, supervision, management, coordination. Registered accountants and accounting firms, services, services for the socialist market economy; supervise the quality of Certified Public Accountants and Certified Public Accountant firm, professional ethics; according to management CPA; external relations coordination within the industry and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Certified Public Accountants.
Certified General Accountants Association of Hebei Province, Hebei Province shall be supervised by the Department of Finance, and guidance, while receiving guidance Hebei Province Civil Affairs Department of the societies registration and Chinese CPA Association.

The main duties of the Certified General Accountants Association of Hebei Province:

First, publicize and implement the "PRC Certified Public Accountant Law", to develop the province industry development plan;

Second, the CPA responsible for registration, non-practicing member enrollment and daily management related matters;

Third, the organization implementing the CPA practice guidelines, rules, trade management system developed and implemented, self-regulation and internal disciplinary supervision and inspection of their quality of practice and professional ethics;

Fourth, organizational qualifications and professional situation CPA annual inspection;

Fifth, the development of educational planning follow-CPA, CPA training organizations in the province to work;

Sixth, the organization and implementation of the province's unified national CPA exam;

Seven organizations business exchanges and theoretical studies;

Eight, organize exchanges between the same industry at home and abroad;

Nine, coordination and external relations industry, supporting members to perform their duties according to law, safeguard the legitimate interests of members;

Ten, for national laws, administrative regulations, government authorities and the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants and other work commissioned by the authority.

Certified General Accountants Association of Hebei Province permanent office for the Secretariat. Secretariat office, Registration Department (Ministry of Personnel Agency), business regulation department, examinations, training department and CPA Education Center.


Responsible for the comprehensive text, telegrams treatment, confidentiality and records management; internal association is responsible for finance, industry, financial accounting guidance; responsible for the secretariat personnel management; responsible for the reception, security, logistics services; responsible for theoretical research and advocacy work; Proceedings of the editor responsible for printing and dissemination; responsible for information networking;

Registration Management Department (Ministry of Personnel Agency)

Hebei Province is responsible for accounting firms, CPAs and non-practicing member of the management; responsible for personnel management Shijiazhuang area CPA archive personnel; responsible committees and Shijiazhuang area of ​​women's associations, trade unions, the Communist Youth League.

Business Regulatory Department

Responsible for the implementation of practice guidelines; responsible for the quality of Certified Public Accountants and CPA firms, professional ethics oversight, inspection work; responsible for the sector technical assistance and operational guidance.


Organization and implementation of a unified national CPA exam province, Shijiazhuang concrete contractors CPA exam zone unified national examinations.


Hebei Province is responsible for the continuing education of certified public accountants; organizations continue to prepare educational materials; construction and management of continuing education teachers; organize continuing education and training.

Education Center

Hebei Institute of Certified Public Education Centre is registered as a non-governmental school organizations in the education sector after approval, Hebei Province, the main function is to provide for the CPA continuing education services, provide education services to industry professionals and the CPA exam, taking full advantage of central resources for financial system and the community in Hebei province to provide professional conferences, training and reception.

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