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Dong Qiang

Handan City, former party secretary


Dong Qiang, Hebei Province, male, Han nationality, born in July 1946, Tianjin Normal University majoring in English (college) graduated in May 1975 to join the party, in September 1968 to work.

Biographical 1965.09 Tianjin Teachers College Department of Foreign Languages ​​English professional learning 1968.09 Tianjin Teachers College graduate school to be distributed 1968.12 weeks cadres 1976.06 weeks mills county office secretary group officer, deputy head of the county Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee Organization Department, deputy county 1981.07 weeks County Committee of Ministers 1983.02 weeks 1983.06 weeks County deputy secretary 1983.11 weeks County deputy secretary of the county party secretary 1989.11 1986.01 weeks Handan Prefectural Committee, Publicity Minister 1990.05 Handan Prefectural Committee, deputy secretary of Ministers of the Organization 1992.12 1993.06 Handan Handan 1995.03 Handan Municipal Committee, deputy secretary and secretary of Politics and Law Committee, Handan Agricultural Work Committee, Party Secretary 1997.12 2003.03 2003.04 Handan Municipal People's Congress party secretary has Handan Municipal People's Congress, Party Secretary [2]
Deputy General Manager of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation

Dong Qiang, male, born in 1958, graduated from Dalian Institute of Technology. Former Dalian shipyard technician, deputy director of the workshop techniques. Dalian New Shipyard Workshop Technology Group, deputy head of group leader, deputy director of the workshop, the production department deputy director, workshop director, assistant director and deputy director. Among them, from September 1997 to July 1998 period, the Central Party School training young cadres to learn. August 2000 of Dalian New Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Director and Vice President. October 2001 he was appointed CSIC member, Deputy General.

Huaibei Normal University Law School Dean

3 Dong Qiang, (1973 -), male, Anhui Fuyang, Ph.D., master tutor. 1996 graduated from the Law Department of Huaibei Coal Industry Teachers College. 1995-1996, in the Department of Finance, Renmin University of China International Finance Professional Development for one year. March 1997 to February 1998, went to Anhui Linquan for poor counties "compulsory education" to support education poverty. September 1999 to June 2002, at the Central China Normal University Law School Marxism master's degree in philosophy, was named outstanding thesis; earn a degree after graduation returned Huaibei Coal Industry Teachers College Law department. The main teaching "Principles of Marxist Philosophy", "history of Marxist philosophy", "aesthetics" course. 2000 won the "Marxist Philosophy" (public course) school level Outstanding Achievement Award, 2004 Award of Excellence by the provincial quality courses. Has published 10 scientific articles, undertake a provincial research projects. Three participating provincial research projects, participation in a hospital-level teaching and research topics.

Huashan Hospital, Fudan University professor of neurology

People experience

Dong Qiang, male, chief physician, professor and doctoral tutor, deputy director of the Department of Neurology, Huashan Hospital, Shanghai Medical Association neurology specialist Committee (seventh) is currently chairman of the Shanghai Association of Integrative Medicine Neurology Specialist Committee Vice chairman. Department of Neurology, Shanghai Medical incumbent Quality Control Center, Chinese Stroke Center construction project Shanghai Training Center. Chief of the Chinese Medical Association credits will neuropathy (Fourth) Committee, National Stroke Study Group, deputy head; chief of the Chinese Journal of Cerebrovascular Diseases (electronic version) Editor, Chinese Journal of Stroke (core journals), Chinese Journal of Clinical Neurosciences (core journals) and Neural Injury and Functional Reconstruction (core journals) Associate Editor.

Historical figures

Nearly five years, published 44 papers, which SCI 14; was awarded the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress Award "Brain circulation kinetics of research and development" (2000), Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award "DWI / PWI techniques are defined ischemic penumbra "(2004), Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Award" Brain hemorrhage rCBF surrounding tissue research and intervention "(2007).

Moyu County Standing Committee

Dong Qiang [1], male, Han nationality, born in December 1969, native of Henan, in February 1992 to work in June 1996 joined the Chinese Communist Party, serving university degree (in December 2003 the Central Party School Wada Campus administrative management) , the incumbent Moyu County Standing Committee, party secretary of 47 Regiment, political commissar.

1992.02-1994.08 Technician Company 47 Regiment

1994.09-1996.06 Tarim University agronomy professional learning

1996.07-1998.03 47 Regiment production department clerk, office secretary

1998.03-1999.06, deputy director of the Office 47 Regiment

1999.06-2001.07 47 Regiment League Secretary, Office of the Deputy Director

2001.07-2004.05 Xinjiang skin Hill County Farm Party Committee, deputy political commissar of the

(During 2001.09 2003.12 Central Party School campus administration Wada professional learning)

2004.05-still active

Peking French department, Professor

Dong Qiang, born in 1967 in Hangzhou.

1987 graduated from Beijing University of Western Languages.

1988 went to study in France, lived in Paris for 12 years.

Advanced Social Science Research 1992-1994 French apprentice in Milan Kundera. [1]

Founded in 1995 in France, assisted by a dedicated Chinese literature and culture for the purpose of publishing house "China Blue" Press.

In 1997 to study at the University of Paris VIII, France 20th century Surrealist poet, painter Henri Michaux PhD thesis to obtain French literature.

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