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Sun En uprising

Sun En uprising, Eastern Longan three years (399 years) in October Yuan Xing first year (402 years) in March, Sun En leadership eastern Zhejiang people against the war in the Eastern Jin Dynasty peasant uprising.


Eastern Jin Dynasty, by virtue of privileged wealthy gentry, living the decadent life of greed, continue to strengthen the people's oppression and exploitation, and finally aroused the eastern Zhejiang Sun En uprising.
After the Battle of the Eastern Jin Dynasty temporarily eliminate external threats, Xiaowu meet breeding ground situation, regent Hui Jiwang Secretary Ma Daozai autocracy, political punishment absurd chaos, DPRK factions, mutual strife, corruption court, repeated outbreaks of bloody struggle. Eastern Zhejiang Province liturgical harsh heavy. Xin'an prefect five Dou Sun Tai leader, attempted to use the mob against the Eastern Jin Chaoting preacher, was Secretary Ma Daozai trapping. Sun En Weng nephew fled the island state (now Zhejiang Zhoushan Islands), hundreds of people gathered, and await the revenge.

Sun En generations embrace a five Dou. Five Pecks of Rice Tao Han emperor was founded by the Zhang Ling, religious people have to pay five dou of rice for mutual assistance fund. Eastern Jin Dynasty, eastern Zhejiang area farmers were exploited were impoverished, religious people more and more.


Longan October 2003, Sun En forced by the court "Music is a" (requisition eastern Zhejiang Jin Ting Zhu Jun to free slaves who filled military service for the customer), causing social unrest in eastern Zhejiang of the machine, landing overcome Shangyu (this is Zhejiang) , hit Hueiji (rule Sanin, now Zhejiang Shaoxing); November, killing prisoners in the history of Wang Ning's Hueiji, claiming Zhengdongjiangjun. Moment Hueiji, Wu Jun, Wu, Yi Xing, Linhai, Yongjia, Dongyang, Xin'an County, eight (now Jiangsu, Zhejiang border) flared up in response, Xunri among hundreds of thousands of volunteers to develop. Jin Ting Xie Yan Wei generals anxious life, auxiliary generals Liu incarceration led the army to suppress the North House Sun En uprising schematic

, Rebel defeat, returned to the island in December.

Four years (400 years) in May, Sun En from jia mouth (now Zhejiang Zhenhai Southeast YONGJIANG estuary) landing, capture Yuyao (this is Zhejiang), Shangyu, then attack Xing Pu (now Zhejiang Shaoxing), Kuaiji, offensive Linhai , and Jin fighting. November, Jin Ningshuo elegance defeated generals, Sun Enjun chase to Sanin. Dong Jin Zhaoting earthquake, then life in prison to the command of Liu Bei Fu Bing, Dudu eastern Zhejiang Gogun rebel soldiers on the counterattack. Sun En to avoid the edge, then passed into the island.

February 2005, Sun En military attack complex sentence with water chapter (now Zhejiang Ningbo Nan Yin river south) can not; restitution island. March, Sun En North chemotaxis Haiyan (this is Zhejiang), the Ministry of incarceration defeated Liu Liu Yu; May and instead captured Shanghai ditch (now Shanghai Wusong River) along the length of Jiangxi Jin Cheng-sheng. June, arrived mouth (now Jiangsu Zhenjiang), approaching Jiankang (now Nanjing). Dong Jin Chaoting Jitiao and government troops in eastern Zhejiang Jiangbei Zhu Jun, Liu Bei Fu Bing into the prison of his troops guard the capital. Sun En fear, attack Jiankang temporarily abandoned plans to send troops to Xizhan Jiangbei city side Koryo (now Jiangsu Yangzhou Northwest), Sun En personally led by the side of the main floating rambling on, captured Yu Chau (now Jiangsu Lianyungang City, east Yuntaishan, then across the sea), captured elegance. August, the Liu Yijun and his troops fighting Jin, Sun En and defeat, suffered heavy damage, was forced to withdraw south along the coast, the fourth to withdraw the island.

Xing Yuan Dynasty (402 years) in March, the rebel offensive sea battle, a serious setback, Sun En then lose confidence, drowning himself, his family, his men followed by hundreds of people drowning. Yuzhong number of people elected their brother Lu Xun dry as leader, continue to adhere to anti-Jin struggle (see Lu Xun uprising).

Sun En peasant uprising led by eastern Zhejiang keep fighting for 12 years, he moved to the southeast coast of the country, a heavy blow to the rule of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, it brought to its knees, a step toward extinction.


Sun En uprising Chinese peasant war military operations for the first time the use of water, several rebel threat Jin capital Jiankang, shaken the rule of the Eastern Jin Dynasty foundation. But because there is no build solid rear base, operational guidance on several missed favorable fighters, in Jin's counterattack, the volunteers returned to the island several times, bringing the victories achieved can not be consolidated, the uprising was eventually quelled the Eastern Jin Dynasty. [1]

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