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Ma Biao: Ma's Army generals

Who's Who

Ma Biao (1885 - 1948), the word Ping Chen, Hui, Gansu River State (now Linxia) who rose from the ranks. Ma Haiyan (Bufang grandfather) six brothers 马海清's eldest son, Bufang Tang Shu, in the title of the National Revolutionary Army.

People experience

Former Ninghai Jun Ma Biao defense detachment (commander Ma Lin) junior officers since 1915.

February 1932, the Tibetan local government troops captured Anglophile Yushu, Qinghai-Tibet war caused, the rate of Ma Ma Biao Tibetan army cavalry repulsed.

August 1937 he was promoted to lieutenant general commander.

Shortly after the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, Bufang instantly form a "cavalry tentatively numbered first division," led by the commander Ma Biao East against Japan. A teacher from the back riding, Sarah, Dongxiang, security, Han, Tibetan and other ethnic groups, a total of 8000 people, including Hui, Dongxiang, Salar and other national officers and more than 70% of the total number of troops. In April 1938, was transferred fugou Cavalry Division, Yanling, Xihua counties flood area, responsible He Fang task of this line. Soon, a squadron of Japanese and puppet thousand people, invade Cavalry Division zone, Ma Biao immediately commanding two brigades of troops to surround and annihilate three sides, take the enemy unprepared, surprise attack, killing Japanese troops head spin and eventually wipe out the invading enemy. The news of victory came Cavalry Division, zone counties have Tansu people with food and drink, reward sympathy gift Ma Biao and the "million people umbrella", to show reverence Japanese soldiers.
The spring of 1939, the cavalry division and transferred to Jieshou flood area in the vicinity of Zhoukou, defensive line Huaiyang Japanese. Huaiyang is one of the main strongholds of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Anhui Japanese occupation of the area, riding in a division that He Fang, located in the middle of Pinghan line, the relationship between east and central strategic importance, therefore, the Japanese hesitate to mobilize massive increase defense , and make ready to attack riding a division of the situation. Riding a division stationed near, that was empty Huaiyang Japanese news Mabing Zhong rate two brigades immediately besieged city Huaiyang, after heavy fighting, captured the Huaiyang West relations. Japanese retreated Huaiyang inner city, with two brigades confrontation. When the Japanese army mobilized 100 trucks from the opening of reinforcements, with artillery, tanks, massive counterattack. Sudden, intense fire, smoke, repeatedly assault the enemy were repulsed. Battle, Mabing Zhong always take the lead, shot and killed in the assault. Critical moment, to take over command of four heads of Ma Chenghan continue to fight a bloody battle with the enemy. Fighting was going on, Ma Biao personally supervise operations commander, command a brigade of troops to support Mayuan Xiang and tune light cavalry raids behind enemy lines roundabout, causing the Japanese front and by the strike. Cavalry Division soldiers in a violent attack, the Japanese into disarray, the defense collapsed, fled in panic.

Huaiyang war, Ma Biao division eliminate more than 1,000 Japanese troops, captured 20 people, and its Department of casualties reached 2,000.

Soon, riding a cavalry division and annihilated more than 500 people, dozens of horses for horses, a heavy blow to the invaders. Japanese angry, and drawn heavily equipped with advanced weapons, to ride a division pagoda line positions to implement storm. Ma Biao organization counterattack, circuitous rush to flesh worked hard with the enemy. But the enemy forces and the poor, the battle to defeat, riding a division main rapid retreat, leaving hundreds of soldiers blocking the enemy, they backs against the wall, until exhaustion, unwilling prisoner humiliation, are all drowning himself, showing the Muslim anti-Japanese warrior rather die than surrender, magnificent heroism.

Riding a Japanese teacher hit several times, so that the enemy spirit frustrated. Japanese ride a division of so called "horse back child army" or "Ma Hu Zaijun." September 1940, in Northern Cavalry Division in Longgang Town of Guo North Shore, and blow up enemy tanks 1, the Japanese army killed three or four hundred people, from horse back child army "prestige spread enemy war zone, the Japanese tremble with fear. Chiang much attention, the army was up 2 Army Cavalry riding a first vice president and army division. thus subject Bufang suspicions, riding a division of the post rotation, 298 Brigade Ma Bukang replaced by Bufang cousin, then There are no right post was transferred to the Senate Armed Services Committee of the Kuomintang government will soon Chiang Feng-call went encyclical, pledged to return to the front line to participate in the expedition, Chiang awards chi, Fabi 100,000 yuan reward, points and power-Tang Enbo properly placed huzongnan Back to linquan, Tang Enbo chip programmed with its 8th Cavalry Army, and finally to Bufang stymied from yourselves. then served as garrison commander Luohe City, Henan, had plenty of fame. coupled with a septuagenarian, even mourning two sons (the eldest son of the army Japanese, any spy battalion, trained in Wuhan in 1939 died of heat stroke. Caqiang escape when their second son was adjutant Tangji Shun, was shot and killed), very sad.

War of Liberation, Ma Biao Bufang crowding due condemned by public opinion. Hypocrites then sent someone to hold the invitation letter "Abba" (Tang Shu Ma Biao) back Qinghai pension. Back to Xining, held a grand rally in Bufang bumbling small school field, welcomes its Japanese celebration. After returning to Xining, depression, becoming depressed, feasting, whoring, spend the last days.

1948 due to suffering a car accident in Xining, died aged 63.

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