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questions :Mild conduciive hearing loss
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Conductive hearing loss is also called acoustic hearing loss. Refers to the path of external sound waves into the inner ear due to pathological factors of the ear sound system and obstacles occur. Ear sound system includes external auditory meatus, tympanic membrane, ossicle, snail window, etc. Therefore, no matter what the cause of the damage to the above parts can cause deafness. Such as congenital atresia of external auditory canal, cerumen, foreign body, inflammation and tumor; diseases of tympanic membrane, such as rupture and perforation of tympanic membrane; malformation, inflammation, trauma and tumor of middle ear. But more common are otitis media and obstructive lesions of the external auditory canal, so the active prevention and treatment of otitis media is of great significance in preventing deafness. The treatment is mainly aimed at the etiology, such as viable plasty of the deformity of the outer ear or middle ear, viable tympanoplasty caused by otitis media, etc.
Otitis media is a common disease, especially in children. The course of disease can be acute, often accompanied by pain, fever and other symptoms, requiring immediate symptomatic treatment; it can also be chronic. Chronic suppurative otitis media is the middle ear mucosa, periosteal or deep The chronic inflammation of bone can be caused by acute otitis media prolonged healing, eustachian tube obstruction, chronic nasopharyngeal lesions, etc. Chronic otitis media can be divided into simple type, bone ulcer type, cholesteatoma type, the symptoms are Ear empyema, hearing loss, ear pain and even abscesses around the ear, etc. The hearing loss is related to perforation of the eardrum, destruction of the ossicular chain or inflammation of the labyrinth.Among them, the simple otitis media lesions are more limited, only tympanic membrane perforation or osseous bone lesions, tympanic membrane repair, ossicular chain reconstruction surgery to reconstruct the tympanum and hearing can be performed after the ears have stopped draining for more than two months; All types of otitis media can damage bone mass. In severe cases, they can cause intracranial and external complications such as neurological deafness, dizziness, facial paralysis, and meningitis. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, radical mastectomy must be performed to remove the lesion and tympanoplasty as appropriate...

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