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questions :How to remove black birthmarks
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[]Time :2024-06-20
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[Visitor (120.204.*.*)]answers [Chinese ]Time :2021-09-24
 Birthmarks grow with us at birth, and as we get older, they grow with us, so it's not easy to get rid of them. Now in beauty technology, black birthmarks can be treated in many ways, but there are some methods that do not achieve the effect of fundamental treatment. For example, laser removal of birthmarks, although laser removal of birthmarks, can be in a short period of time to eliminate the pigment on the surface of the birthmark, but laser surgery to remove birthmarks may recur. Therefore, patients with black birthmarks should seek more effective treatments for radical excision.
  At present, the treatment of effective removal of black birthmarks is mainly surgical treatment, through surgical removal and skin graft and other surgical methods, can be the original black birthmarks to be removed, and fundamentally eliminate the problem of black birthmark recurrence. Smaller black birthmarks, can be solved by surgery at once, but for larger birthmarks, the original part of the black birthmark needs to be skin grafted, so the way to treat black birthmarks is more difficult, patients must choose a formal large hospital to carry out surgery, in order to ensure the smooth progress of surgery and treatment results.
  In short, black birthmarks can be removed, the way to remove black birthmarks there are many, such as laser treatment and surgical treatment, for the disease is relatively light, the scope of smaller birthmark patients, can be completely treated through a small range of surgery, if the area is relatively large, then need to be on the basis of excision and skin graft surgery, operation is very difficult, and there is a certain risk, so we must go to the regular hospital to do.
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[Visitor (58.214.*.*)]answers [Chinese ]Time :2020-09-20
1. Laser method

Does laser tattoo removal hurt? This is a question that every child and parent will be disturbed before treatment. In fact, the laser is very painful, and the burning heat feels like a rubber band bounce or wax oil burning. The process requires the comfort and perseverance of the parents to overcome. Although general anesthesia can relieve pain, it increases the risk of treatment and is not currently recommended. Putting on a local anesthetic patch or using a low-temperature cooling system can alleviate children's pain. Although the laser is a little painful on the skin, it is worthwhile to wash away the congenital marks.

2. Laser birthmark removal
Before skin laser was common, most of the birthmarks were burned and frozen. Serious birthmarks had to be excised and re-skinned, but scars were easily left. Nowadays, pigment spot laser can selectively destroy pigment, and dye laser can target vascular lesions without leaving scars after treatment. Therefore, laser has become the best choice for birthmark removal except for severe birthmarks that still need surgery.
For laser treatment of pigmented birthmarks, ruby laser is the best choice. The current concept is that the treatment should be done as soon as possible. Take Ota’s mother spot as an example. Generally, children need 4-5 treatments, and adults need 7-10 treatments, so it is better to remove melanin before it accumulates. However, the treatment of birthmarks varies greatly. Some people have significant effects. Some people may be slow in the progress of treatment. Therefore, give yourself and the doctor more time to fully evaluate before receiving treatment.
Vascular birthmarks are generally treated with dye lasers, but the effects and reactions are more difficult to predict. For example, port-wine stains can be layered and removed by lasers. Usually the first and second times have the most significant effect, which can reach 50-60%. The remaining blood vessels are getting deeper and deeper, and the treatment effect will decrease, usually up to 7-10 treatments. For strawberry-like hemangioma, because the tissue is deeper, laser is used as an adjuvant treatment, which can only remove the superficial blood vessels. Generally, hardening is also required. Drugs or steroid injections, or even blood vessel embolization, surgical removal. The traditional concept believes that strawberry-like hemangioma will naturally shrink and does not require treatment, but as a result of delayed treatment, it will cause the hemangioma to shrink incompletely and leave unsightly scars..So the current concept is to recommend treatment as early as possible, even at 6 months old...
Although laser treatment of birthmarks is effective, it is expensive, not every kind of birthmark is suitable, and laser removal is required. It is best for parents to consult a professional physician to make an accurate diagnosis, determine the impact of birthmarks on the body, and the need for removal.


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