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Land resources refer to land available for agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry or other uses, is the basic information and labor object of human existence, with two quality and quantity
Land resources Land resources
content. Different categories and degrees of rehabilitation may be required in the course of their use. Land resources have a certain space-time, that is, in different regions and different historical periods of technical and economic conditions, the content may not be consistent. Such as large areas of marshes because of water is difficult to manage, in the historical period of small-scale farmers' economy, not suitable for agricultural use, can not be regarded as agricultural land resources. But in today's countries with the technical conditions for governance and development, that is, agricultural land resources. Therefore, some scholars think that land resources include the natural and economic attributes of land.
Natural complex is also the product of human productive labor. Therefore, land resources have both natural and social attributes, and are the "mother of wealth".

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