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questions :Sex ela cheyali
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How to have sex
1, want to do, no scruples

Many people fix sex to a pattern several times a week, several times a month. However, this regular sex undoubtedly pushes the wonderful feeling to the death. Perfect sex is not for sex, but we are all very immersed in it, enjoy the wonderful feeling of sex. So when you think about it, do it. If you don't want to, don't force yourself. Only when you want to, can sex be more harmonious and perfect.

2, love gel, ice and fire feeling
Applying fun to the chest gives men a different passion. Durex lovers sense the taste of fun miles, each has two, bring couples different feelings, silky miles, bring burning heat; In a sex foreplay, a woman can use either one or mix the two and then apply it to her chest to experience the beauty of ice and fire. Also for the next, the male "little brother" to the chest guest ready to detonate its passionate reaction.

3, transgender posture, a variety of experiences
Sex posture is not uniform, you can change the sex posture from time to time, so that every sex is different, full of excitement. Although we can't master all the sexual gestures, remember that all postures are never-changed. So by adding different elements to each pose, you make it a new pose. Missionaries, for example, put a pillow on their hips to make the pleasure even stronger.

4, meat feeling friction, breast penis
In fact, no matter the size of the chest, women's cleavage squeeze is always there. In this process, women need to squeeze their hands hard, push their breasts inside, squeeze out the cleavage to meet the man's "little brother", so that the distance between the two breasts just good to keep the man's "little brother." This feeling, although not really inserted, but to men are not the same passion, breast friction on the penis, coupled with the role of the breast smeared with fun, it is easy for men to achieve orgasm. And in the process, women will experience a different novelty.

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