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questions :What is disinfection
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Disinfection is a method of killing pathogenic microorganisms, but not necessarily bacterial spores. The effect of disinfection is usually achieved by chemical methods. Chemicals used for disinfection are called disinfectants. Sterilization is the method of killing all microorganisms on an object, including bacterial spores, usually by physical means.

Anti-corrosion is a method of preventing or inhibiting the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. Chemicals used to protect against corrosion are called preservatives. Sterile does not mean live bacteria and is the result of sterilization. The technique of preventing microorganisms from entering the body or object is called sterile operation.

Refers to

A method of killing pathogenic bacteria such as pathogenic microorganisms

its purpose

Prevent pathogens from spreading to the social medium

There are two kinds of disinfection and preventive disinfection

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