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questions :sodium selenate
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Chemical formula: Na2SeO4
Molecular weight: 188.94
inchi:InChI=1/Na.H2O4Se/c; 1-5(2,3)4/h;(H2,1,2,3,4)/q 1;/p-1
Product Use: Used as an analytical reagent
Dangerous goods mark: T - Extremely toxic substance
Extremely toxic substances
N - Items that are harmful to the environment
Items that harm the environment
Risk terminology: R23 - Toxic by inhalation.
R28 - Extremely toxic when swallowed.
R33 - Dangerous goods with cumulative effect.
R50/53 - Extremely toxic to aquatic organisms and may have long-term adverse effects on the aquatic environment.
Safety term: S45 - In case of an accident or discomfort, seek immediate medical attention (if possible, show its label).
S60 - The substance and its containers must be disposed of as hazardous waste.
S61 - Avoid release into the environment. Refer to the special instructions/safety data sheet.
Dangerous goods transport number: UN 2630

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