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questions :Microwave owen bomb
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Microwave bomb

Paper bags


The paper bag can not only produce toxic gases after high temperature combustion, but also because it is high temperature combustion, it is easy to cause fire in the furnace, resulting in fire.

aluminum foil


The interior of the microwave oven is made of metal, the aluminum and other metals into the microwave oven, due to the action of electromagnetic waves, will form a strong electric field on the metal surface and cause discharge, easy to cause microwave oven explosions and home fires. Plastic products

When heated, plastic bags and containers release bisphenol A or BPA (a type of organic compound used to make plastics transparent) and phthalates, which are harmful to the body. Plastic containers are also prone to deformation when heated. (Except for those that can be microwaved on the container) there is also plastic wrap used to seal food, and it must be torn off before it can be put into the microwave!

Metal containers


Any metal pots and pans cannot be heated in the microwave. Because the microwave oven cannot penetrate the microwave after the metal rebounds, the wavelength will change and scatter refraction, losing stability, which is very easy to cause explosions and fires.


Ever seen a video of heating grapes in a microwave? In just a few seconds, you can see the two grapes next to each other producing a fiery flame. Because the heat of the microwave oven is not uniform, salty water-bearing objects of similar size like grapes have similar risks: tomatoes and blueberries, for example.

Closed container


Since the microwave oven heats up to produce water vapor, it is easy to generate high pressure in closed containers, and it is likely to produce explosion. So it's best to expose a little gap, or poke a few small holes and put it in, don't directly put the closed container into the microwave oven to heat.

chili pepper

Not only can heating a pepper produce sparks, causing a fire, but when the microwave oven is turned on, the chemicals released from the pepper can cause people to suffocate or even burn people's eyes, producing an effect similar to pepper spray.

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