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questions :Haeven official’s blessing
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Blessed are the Heavenly Officials

【Explanation】 Tianguan: Taoist worship of the three gods of heaven, earth and water, also known as the three officials, Tianguan is one of them. Tianguan was named Shangyuan Yipin Blessing Tianguan, Ziwei Emperor, subordinate to the Yuqing Realm. The Heavenly Officials are composed of three qi, green, yellow, and white, and are the chief lords of the Heavenly Emperors. On the fifteenth day of the first month, that is, in the next world, the sin and blessing of the people are determined, so it is called "the blessing of the heavenly officials". In the old days, it was used as an auspicious word for blessings and disasters.

[Source] Qing Xi Zhousheng's "Tale of awakening the Marriage lineage" for the sixty-seventh time: "He went to the Temple of the Three Officials to prostrate his head again, and wished the blessings of the heavenly officials, the earth officials to forgive their sins, and the water officials to relieve their misfortunes."

[Example] Anyway, there must be a day, "blessed by heavenly officials", and there are too many words. (Lao She's "The Legend of Niu Tianci")

【Usage】As an object, a definite word; Used for prayer, etc.


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