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questions :Essay on world food problam
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Papers on the world's food problems

"The people take food as the sky", and the soaring price of grain involves the interests of millions of people.

In the public interest, rising food prices will increase people's cost of living, thereby directly affecting the lives of ordinary people; From a macroeconomic point of view, in the context of the US subprime mortgage crisis and high oil prices, soaring food prices will also increase inflationary pressures in many countries, so that the world economy, especially the economy of developing economies, faces more uncertainties.
The World Bank and the Joint Development Committee of the International Monetary Fund issued a communiqué before the end of their spring meetings on the 13th, saying that the sharp rise in food prices has affected many developing countries. World Bank President Zoellick warned that soaring food prices could lead to greater poverty among 100 million people in the world's poorest countries, and could turn some countries in the results of hard work in the past few years.

What is more serious is that while food prices are rising, the world's food reserves are decreasing, and the problem of food security is becoming increasingly prominent. FAO estimates that global food reserves have now fallen to their lowest levels since 1980.
FAO Director-General Diouf said during a visit to India on the 9th of this month that some African countries and Haiti have rioted due to food shortages and rising prices, and "we have really faced a state of emergency".

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