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First: place names are given by people, rather than their own or natural, this kind of endowment from the perspective of historical development, from the use of a small number of local people to gradually known to the public to be widely used by the public, from the endowed language to the text to the digital code, from convention to standardization, legalization.

Second: in space, including both land, but also the ocean and the seabed, with the progress of human exploration of the universe, the space range of place name naming has gradually expanded from the earth to other celestial bodies in the universe.

Third: The specificity referred to here includes a specific principal position, a specific range, a specific time, that is, a specific space-time.
Fourth: What we call code names include language codes, text codes, and early pictures, graphic symbols, and digital codes in the information age, reflecting the progress and development of human society. (From Digital Geographical Names)

The elements of a place name refer to the most basic elements of matter, or the necessary and inseparable basic elements that make up things. (From Digital Geographical Names)

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