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Comparison of the results of the two titration methods

There was no significant difference between the results of automatic potentiometric titration and manual titration in the determination of acid value and peroxide value of vegetable oil, indicating that the automatic potentiometric titrator's determination of vegetable oil acid value and peroxide value was similar to the results of the current national health standard titration method.

Precision comparison of the two titration methods
Samples with high acid value were selected and measured in parallel 5 times by automatic potentiometric titration and manual titration, and the relative standard deviation determined by automatic potentiometric titration was 1.1% and 1.6% by manual titration. The relative deviation of the automatic potentiometric titration method was 2.1% for the parallel determination of samples with low acid value 5 times, while the relative standard deviation of the manual titration method was as high as 11.4%, indicating that the precision of the automatic potentiometric titration method was better than that of the manual titration method.
In summary, the measurement results of the automatic potentiometric titration method are no different from the national standard method, and the precision meets the inspection requirements. Since the automatic potentiometric titration method determines the end point according to the first derivative of the titration curve, the error between the equivalence point and the end point is very small and the accuracy is high, which avoids the error of manual titration method due to the amount of addition, the indication end point and the equivalence, and the operator's color judgment due to the addition of indicators; Electrodynamic positioning titration does not require the use of indicators, so it can be measured for colored solutions, turbidity and solutions without suitable indicators; The Metrohm automatic potentiometric titrators can determine up to 9 equivalence points and can continuously titrate multiple components in a solution, such as Ca, Mg in water samples, and titration of mixed acids.The automatic potentiometric titrators can also automatically record the various measurement parameters of titration analysis, such as the measurement date, instrument model, consumption of standard solution for titration, and titration curve, and automatically calculate and print out the measurement results as original records to be kept, which reduces the workload and calculation errors of the analyst's original record data processing, improves the comparability of inter-laboratory analytical results, and is conducive to laboratory management, so it is suitable for physical and chemical analysis laboratories to be used as analytical instruments instead of manual operations...

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