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questions :Cremanthodium nervosum
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Applying local wounds with frog skin, swallowing snake gall, drinking snake blood raw, and eating raw or unripe frog meat and snake meat are the main ways to infect schizocephalus.
When a person eats unboiled water containing worm eggs or food containing protocercaria, the eggs are first adsorbed on the human intestinal wall, and then hatch into larvae, and the larvae then enter the human brain through blood circulation, and travel in the human brain, absorbing brain cell nutrients and developing. With the continuous development of medical testing methods, the confirmed cases of Schizotus have increased year by year, according to medical literature, China alone has found thousands of cases, the disease is widely distributed worldwide, the vast majority of cases are distributed in China, South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia. Most of the patients are young people, with a male-to-female ratio of 3:1, and most of them have experience eating frogs or snakes.
In rural south, the practice of applying frog mallet rotten raw compresses to skin wounds to treat local ulcers and other diseases has long been practiced. Some people catch small frogs and swallow them raw, which is said to cure sore waist and legs, muscles and bones, so as to strengthen the tendons and strengthen the body, often causing Schizocephalus mansoni infection. Spring and summer are the time for farmland frog breeding activities, and the rural masses are specially reminded to pay attention to science in treating diseases.

Swallowing snake gallbladder and drinking snake blood raw is an important way to cause human infection with schizocephalus. Snakes are one of the animals with the most parasites, and due to their preference for frogs and mice, snakes become the host of the most schizocephalus. Therefore, not eating raw snake blood, snake gall, and not eating half raw snake meat is the key to preventing infection.

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