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Hailing service

Taxis in the state of waiting for rent will stop at the section of the road that is allowed to stop and provide taxi operation services for the passengers.

The service mode of Yangshou Hailing is convenient for passengers and can be rented at any time, which is the main service method of taxi in China at this stage. However, there are also problems such as lack of energy saving, environmental protection, high road occupancy, high fuel costs, and high labor intensity of drivers.

On-call service

According to the passengers' requests for booking a car through telecommunications, the Internet, etc., taxi operation services will be provided according to the agreed time and place.
The on-call service mode is conducive to dispatching a car to the nearest according to the time and place of the passenger's car, which can save time, improve efficiency, save energy and environmental protection, and have a low occupancy rate of urban roads, which can alleviate the pressure of urban traffic, which is a direction for future development.

On-site car rental

At the Outbound Car Service Station, taxi operation services are provided upon request from passengers.
Service stations refer to places with obvious signs that allow taxis to stop, wait and pick up passengers, mainly set up in traffic distribution centers and public service places with large passenger flow, such as airports, railway stations, bus stations and shopping malls. The taxi stop service mode realizes the driver's static waiting, the driver has time to rest and adjust his mentality, and the passenger can also take the bus in time.

Chartered bus service

Provide passengers with specific taxi operation services as agreed by both parties.

The chartered bus service implements planned dispatch, passengers agree with the taxi operator in advance on the time, place, route and freight rate, and the taxi operator sends the car to pick up and drop off the service on time, which improves the efficiency of vehicle use.

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