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Thematic maps

Map definition

A thematic map is a map that prominently and as fully as possible represents one or more natural or socio-economic (human) elements of a cartographic area. Thematic maps have a wide cartographic field that can be used to represent information data with spatial properties. Its contents and forms are diverse, and can be widely used in national economic construction, teaching and scientific research, national defense construction and other industries. Thematic maps have unique characteristics compared to ordinary maps.

1. Theming

Ordinary maps emphasize the general characteristics of the expression of cartographic elements, and thematic maps emphasize the important characteristics of the expression of the thematic elements, and are as complete and detailed as possible.

2. Specialization
Thematic maps highlight one or more features in a normal map, and some thematic maps have thematic content that is not available in a normal map.

3. Diversification

Thematic maps can not only represent the spatial distribution law and interrelationship of cartographic objects like ordinary maps, but also reflect the development and dynamic laws of cartographic objects. Such as dynamic maps (population changes), forecast maps (weather forecasts), etc.

4. Diversification
A country's ordinary maps, especially topographic maps, often have a standardized schematic symbology system, but thematic maps due to the wide range of cartographic content, except for individual thematic maps, there is generally no prescribed symbology system, the representation methods are diverse, map symbols can be designed and innovated by themselves, so their expression forms are diverse and colorful.

5. Be forward-looking

Ordinary maps focus on objectively reflecting the reality of the earth's surface, while thematic maps are based on a wide range of disciplines, and many mapping materials are composed of relevant scientific research achievements, thesis reports, research materials, remote sensing images, etc., which can reflect the cutting-edge information and achievements of the discipline.

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