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questions :Properties of rectangle
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Since the rectangle is a special parallelogram, it contains the properties of a parallelogram; Rectangles can be divided into rectangles and squares, so they contain some common properties of rectangles and squares. The properties of the rectangle are roughly summarized as follows:
1. The rectangle has all the properties of a parallelogram: the opposite sides are parallel and equal, the diagonals are equal, the adjacent angles are complementary, and the diagonals are equally divided from each other;
2. The four corners of the rectangle are all right angles;
3. The diagonal lines of the rectangle are equal;
4. The rectangle has 2 axes of symmetry and the square has 4 axes;
5. It is unstable.
A quadrilateral with at least three right angles is a rectangle, a parallelogram with one interior angle is a rectangle, and a parallelogram with equal diagonal lines is a rectangle. A rectangle is a special parallelogram, and a square is a special rectangle. Rectangles include rectangles and squares.

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