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questions :Give a brief description of 'terrestrial ecosystem' and 'aquatic ecosystem'.
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Aquatic ecosystem is a general term for various types of water ecosystems on the earth's surface. Aquatic ecosystems are inhabited by communities of autotrophic organisms (algae, aquatic plants, etc.), heterotrophic organisms (various invertebrates and vertebrates) and decomposers (various microorganisms). Various biomes and their interactions with the aquatic environment maintain specific material cycles and energy flows, constituting complete ecological units.
Aquatic ecosystemsAquatic ecosystems
According to the salinity of water, it can be divided into freshwater ecosystems and marine ecosystems; According to the mobility of water, freshwater ecosystems can be divided into still water ecosystems (such as lakes, ponds and reservoirs) and flowing water ecosystems (such as rivers, streams, ditches, etc.). Aquatic ecosystems are one of the important environmental conditions for human survival.
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The Earth's land surface is a continuum of terrestrial organisms interacting with their environment. This system covers one third of the total surface area of the Earth, uses the atmosphere and soil as the medium, and has complex habitats and many types. According to habitat characteristics and plant community growth types, it can be divided into forest ecosystem, grassland ecosystem, desert ecosystem and tundra ecosystem. The primary producers of the system are mainly herbaceous or woody plants, and the consumers are various types of herbivores or carnivores. Among the natural ecosystems on land, forest ecosystems have the most complex structure, the largest variety of organisms and the highest productivity, while desert ecosystems have the lowest productivity.

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