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questions :Monkey and giraffe
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The baby monkey picks the fruit with the giraffe

Li Yihao

One day, the sun was shining and there were a few white clouds floating in the sky.

The little monkey found that a large, red apple was hanging high in a big tree in the middle of the river, and it kept staring at the big apple on the tree, watching it drool, and was so anxious that it walked around the shore. The little monkey stuck his foot into the river: "Ah, the water is too deep!" The little monkey thought of another way: it found a long bamboo pole and tied a bag to the top of the bamboo pole, and the little monkey held the bamboo pole tightly and slowly stretched the end of the tied bag into the river, trying to hook the apple with the bag, but the fruit was too high to reach.
At this time, the giraffe came to the river, it looked at the apple on the tree, and then at the thin body of the little monkey, and said proudly: "Look at me so tall, and look at you, how short!" The giraffe walked proudly to the middle of the river, its head slowly approaching the apple in the tree, but the apple was too tall, and it was almost a little.

At this time, the little monkey said to the giraffe: "Let's cooperate in picking fruits!" The giraffe replied, "Okay! "The little monkey climbed on the giraffe's head, the giraffe stretched its neck, the little monkey just picked the apple with his hand, and the two of them laughed happily.

After the baby monkey and the giraffe eat the apple, they have superpowers, and together they protect the small animals in the forest.
[Visitor (116.162.*.*)]answers [Chinese ]Time :2023-03-23
The giraffe married the monkey, and a year later, the giraffe filed for divorce: I don't want to live this kind of jumping up and down again! The monkey is furious: Leave it! Damn, who has ever seen that you have to climb a tree with a kiss?! When he called her this text message joke on the screen, he didn't expect it at all, and it turned into a joke--------

She is a woman who concentrates all the favors of God, intelligent, wise, gentle, noble, especially those words that move him, so that he always ignores the coldness and affection she brings him, the giraffe, naturally, should be a high manner, so even with a scar on his body, the scenery here is like a wizard's spell to fix his body and mind, and he can never leave.
In fact, after a few text exchanges, he has slightly felt that she is different from those little women in her hometown with twisted braids, her conversation, experience and even familiarity with the chat room all show that this is by no means a net chick, perhaps it is the attraction of this absolute gap that makes him mistakenly think that her neck is just a small section that takes time to run-in, and several times, when he sat on a small bench under the big screen to watch her talk and laugh with other chat friends, his sore neck was also red, at this time, Somewhere in her heart, it was like a pain from a needle, but this pain always disappeared without a trace when she appeared next time.In fact, he is the kind of person who is used to flying all over the field in pampering, but in front of her, he is tame like a sick cat whose personality has been cut off and his nails are removed, and the only thing he can do is when he is really lonely, squatting in the corner and licking the towering fur, and his eyes and heartstrings still can't leave the hazy and clear shadow...
He is an absolutely loyal monkey, she is, he is there, she goes, he also goes, like a shadow in the glue, I can't tell what kind of force is attracted, once, there were other people who greeted and spoke, but in addition to a polite reply, he didn't know what to say, the blank in his mind at that moment was not deliberately created by himself, but all the enthusiasm could not be flexibly transferred back from her, so he knew that being her audience here was an inescapable death.
There were two times when he really felt heartache.Although he seemed accustomed to looking up at her words and styles shuttling through the world of talent, the little ego in his heart would occasionally stir stupidly, and at that time, she was throwing a pale green leaf that seemed to him to almost border the white clouds in an elegant posture, so he expressed his grievances below, but her clever smile and several ambiguous expressions instantly urged his angry heart, and the altitude difference easily gave him a satisfying self-comfort, because with his height , couldn't figure out the meaning of her space, so he really began to thank Dade, glad that he could walk with this elegant partner, just because,Her proud head had looked down on him in the form of a king's landing,.
After a few times of sadness, he wrote a mood text, sent to her anonymously, compared to her words, his words can be called blood and tears, after receiving her reply "hehe", he has packed up his mood and is ready to continue wandering, in that simple baggage, there is a most beautiful but also the most unreal and close dream and a bitter wandering story, that night, he was still in the chat room watching her unchanged earthy yellow words on the big screen, later, when her text changed to pinyin, He suddenly forgot the sweaty departure ticket in his hand, so he quickly told her a few stupid tricks to switch input methods, and when she smiled at him, the solid ice erected in his heart instantly melted, and warm water flowed everywhere,A voice came from near and far: the road you were about to start on had collapsed,...


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