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questions :Tell me the importance of levels
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Widely regarded as the progenitor of all computer games, Cosmic Wars is in fact only shown on an oscilloscope and contains only one planet as a planet background for 2 players to fight. This is considered to be the earliest video game level. The planet isn't just a decoration – it exerts gravitational effects on players' ships and missiles. Imagine creating a really fun gaming space where no one gets complained about even if it's just a blank background.
As the game matures, so does the gaming space. More attention is paid to the viewing of the game environment, and different game environments will bring players different game experiences. Pay more attention to ensuring that players have rules to challenge through the transformation of environmental parameters. Music and sound effects play an even more important role in attracting players into games and game performances. The game format gradually evolved from a single screen (like "Ping Pong" or "Pac-Man") to a multi-screen or roll-up environment, like "Pitfall" and "Tempest", which suddenly gave players greater opportunities for exploration and more freedom of movement. The game space has become more abundant and the rules of the game have become more complex.Take Defender as an example, featuring a rapidly changing game environment with strong special effects and sound effects...
Defender is one of the first games to tell the player that something has happened in another location through a sound cue - a special sound is played when a "person" is transformed into an enemy unit. Although the level allows the player to walk left and right on the map, the random movement corresponds to the changing speed, which accurately means that simple walking in a straight line is impossible, and there are subtle differences in each stage. Even though the controls are fairly simple, the sheer complexity and powerful levels make Defender a favorite among hardcore players.
Similarly, for the family system, the Atari game Adventure has a randomized program, which means that the player does not know where all the necessary items in the game are placed at every time during the game. The game has many screen-sized rooms between which the player will walk between them, dodge dragons (obstacles) and collect key items to get through the game. For the first time, Adventure introduces the Easter egg element of level design to the game world. (Translators believe that Easter egg elements refer to items with hidden elements turned on)
[Visitor (43.250.*.*)]answers [Chinese ]Time :2023-03-24
Explain the importance of the level
What is called level, not to understand the level, not to use it is called the level, let alone know more to call the level, but to know how to do better is called really level, there must be a level must be the result of hard work, the level is important is to constantly work hard and keep enterprising, and constantly improve to have.
The most fundamental meaning of effort is to adapt you more and more to the world.
The trend will be superimposed, if you do not develop the habit of effort, you will become more and more accustomed to not working hard, and the inefficiency caused by not working hard will gradually form its curve, and eventually no matter where you originally stand, you will be pulled down.
And do you think it's just your work that's affected? No, it's all.
Your emotions will become more and more uncontrolled due to subjective lack of effort, approaching an emergency system, and only rushing to clean up your emotions to deal with it when there is an emergency.
You will test your family and partner. Some of their needs will be ignored by you under the tone of your subjective lack of effort, you may not have intention, but once the inertia begins to form, you will become more and more unreasonable, and the problem will accumulate more and more.
In the final analysis, the biggest misconception about effort or not effort is that it is a proactive behavior that does not have an extended effect, no, it is a basic behavior with huge inertia, and everyone chooses to work or not to work at the beginning is somewhat arbitrary.
Really, it's not hard to work hard, it's just that at the beginning you have no choice, or rather, decide whether you want to live a hard life.
Tell yourself that I want to be a hard worker, and from then on your life will get better and better in the face of your decision, it's just a matter of time.


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