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questions :what is tourism
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(1) Define the three elements of tourism

While the technical definitions mentioned above should apply to both international and domestic tourism, they are not used by all countries when it comes to domestic tourism. However, most countries have adopted three elements of the internationally accepted definition:

--Purpose of the outing - Distance traveled

--Length of stay

(2) Definition of the purpose of the trip

The definition based on this scale is intended to cover the main elements of modern tourism.

- General recreational tourism, non-mandatory or discretionary tourism activities. They only see recreational tourists as tourists, and deliberately list business tourism separately.
Business and conference tourism are often combined with a certain amount of recreational tourism. Participation in conference official tourism is also considered tourism.

--Religious tourism, travel activities for the purpose of religious activities.

- Sports tourism, tourism linked to major sporting events.

--Mutual aid tourism, an emerging way of tourism, through mutual help, exchange and other mutual aid to provide accommodation to the other, mutual aid tourism not only saves travel costs, but also because of the intervention of local people, more in-depth experience of the local cultural and natural landscape.

(3) Definition of travel distance

Off-site travel: Many countries, regions, and institutions use round-trip distance between places of residence and destinations as an important statistical measure.
Travel distance: The criteria determined vary widely, ranging from 0 to 160 km. Tours below the prescribed minimum itinerary are not included in the official tourism estimates, and the criteria are artificial and arbitrary.

(4) Definition of period of stay

Overnight tourists: In order to meet the textual criteria that define "tourist", most definitions of tourists and tourists include a requirement to stay at the destination for at least one night.

The "overnight" rule excludes many recreational "day trips," which are often an important source of income for tourist attractions, restaurants, and other tourist facilities.

(5) Other aspects
Tourist residence: Knowing where tourists live is more important than identifying other demographic factors, such as ethnicity and nationality, when positioning the market and developing relevant market strategies.

Mode of transportation: Mainly for better planning, some destinations obtain information about tourist travel patterns by collecting information on tourist modes of transportation (air, train, ship, coach, car, or other means).

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