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questions :Land classification by countries
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Type classification

The classification system formed by dividing the land resource type as the object is called the land resource type system. Its main purpose is to serve the evaluation of land resources in China. This nationwide division of land resources is carried out to meet the evaluation of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and by-fishery of China's land. It takes the national natural division as the background, on the basis of the natural type division of advanced sub-land units, fully considers the production characteristics of land as agricultural production means and labor objects, and reflects the effect of people's past and present production activities on the land.
The classification system of land resources types in China adopts a five-level classification system, such as land potential area, land suitability, land quality, land restriction type, and land resource unit, in which land resource unit is used as the mapping unit and evaluation object. The classification system divides the country into nine land potential areas: South China, Sichuan Basin-Middle and Lower Yangtze River, Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, North China-Liaonnan, Loess Plateau, Northeast China, Inner Mongolia Semi-arid Area, Northwest Arid Region and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Area. It is divided into eight suitable land categories: suitable for farming, suitable for agriculture and forestry and animal husbandry, suitable for agriculture and forestry, suitable for agriculture and grazing, suitable for forestry and pasture, suitable for forest, suitable for pasture land and not suitable for agriculture, forestry and pasture.Each land suitability category is divided into three types of land quality according to the suitability and quality of agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, namely, first-class land suitable for agriculture, second-class land suitable for agriculture, and third-class land suitable for agriculture; land suitable for forestry in the first class, land suitable for forest in class II, land suitable for forest in class 3; First-class land suitable for grazing, second-class land suitable for grazing, and third-class land suitable for grazing. The land types of Duoyi are arranged and combined according to the quality of agriculture, forestry and pastoral land. The land restriction type is divided into 10 restricted types, including unlimited, hydrological and drainage conditions, soil salinization, effective soil thickness, soil texture, bedrock exposure, terrain slope, soil erosion, water and temperature.In principle, land resources units are not stipulated, and are determined according to the needs of land resources evaluation in each district...
Land use classification

Land use classification is the process of distinguishing the geographical components of land use space. This spatial geographical unit is a regional combination unit of land use, which expresses the ways and results of human land use and transformation, and reflects the form and use (function) of land. Therefore, there are three modes of classification of land use at home and abroad: form, use (function) and the combination of the two. This classification is the focus of this article and will be described in more detail later.

Urban and rural land
In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development's Notice on Printing and Distributing the > of the Formulation and Revision Plan of < 2008 Engineering Construction Standards and Specifications (the First Batch) (Jianbiao [2008] No. 102), the standards preparation team conducted extensive investigation and research, carefully summarized practical experience, referred to relevant domestic and foreign standards, and revised this standard on the basis of extensive solicitation of opinions.

The main technical contents of this revision are: adding the classification system of urban and rural land; Adjust the classification system of urban construction land; Adjust the control standards for planned construction land, including the three parts of the urban construction land standard per capita, the single urban construction land standard per planning per capita, and the structure of the planned urban construction land; Additional changes have been made to the relevant provisions.

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