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Metachromatic dyes include toluidine blue, azurin B, thiopine (basic dyes) and Congo red dyes (acid dyes). For example, when single-fingered metachromatic is usually referred to, it usually refers to staining by basic dyes. Metachromatic properties are related to the concentration of the dye solution and can also be caused by the mixing of other substances. For example, some tissue components such as connective tissue and aminoglycans in the cartilage matrix are stained with toluidine blue (blue) dye, which is called parachromacy
In metachromatic leukodystrophy, leukodystrophy is a structural change of the brain, characterized by damage to the myelin sheath of central nervous cells, and the lesion involves the white matter tracts that specialize in higher brain functions. The treatment of leukoencephalopathy has certain limitations, and there is currently no uniform treatment plan, so prevention is very important. Treatment is mostly with a large number of glucocorticosteroids and anticoagulation.

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