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questions :north nod in 11 house
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The North Node is in the Eleventh House

North node
Ahead: Things are going ahead and the process is going smoothly.
Recognition: Like, positive attitude.
Good intentions: have a kind purpose, a good attitude, no distractions, dedication, and pure character.

Eleventh house
Friends: Integrate into the group, get help from friends, and play with friends.
Information: valuable information, insider information, news.
Stock trading: the success of securities investment.

Inspiration: A lot of ideas, lack of implementation, wild ideas.
Beautification: Good wishes, full of longing, ignorance of reality, lack of rational judgment.
Pathetic: hurt, victim psychology, pessimism.
Dedication: Touching others, regardless of the effort in return, regardless of gain or loss.
The situation in the 11th house of Beijiao is a little similar to the Beijiao water bottle
On the opposite side of the water bottle is a lion, simply put, the water bottle is between people, and the lion is in the middle of people. The difference between one word and thousands of miles, Nanjiao Lion people should learn to enrich themselves and be low-key, and not be too entangled in feelings. The 11th house of the Taurus is a very good configuration, of course, combined with the situation of the whole plate. Step by step to go deep into the masses and realize the value of my life, my initial understanding of O(∩_∩)O~

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