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questions :nanofilter water
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Nanofiltration water
Nanofiltration is a new category between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis developed by cross-penetration of nanotechnology and filtration technology, and its separation performance depends on the nanoscale microporous structure in its active separation layer. In drinking water purification treatment, according to the different raw water quality and water purification requirements, there are a variety of nanofiltration with different performance to choose from. Compared with other membrane separation processes, one advantage of nanofiltration is that it can trap small molecular weight organic matter and divalent ions (including heavy metals) that pass through the ultrafiltration membrane, and can also dialyze the inorganic salts trapped by reverse osmosis. The world's first large-scale waterworks with nanofiltration water was put into operation in Paris, France, in 1999. "


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