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questions :While observing the experience you're having from a higher view
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As the saying goes, people who are not far-sighted must have near worries, and the more people who can see the problem in the long term, the less they will be excited by the small obstacles in front of them. On the other hand, the more bullish the character, the more temperamental and personable, and good at far-sightedness.

So how can you see things from a higher perspective? Is it to improve experience, or to think deeply?

I once asked a car design director who I thought was great, and his answer was that both are important, but only by constantly improving your experience and thinking deeply about the truth behind the problem will you have a better perspective.

I tested this truth from a small incident the other day: it is very important to improve your experience.
A few days ago, I urgently needed to buy a soft ruler to measure the size of clothes, hoping to receive the goods the next day, so I thought of delivery. So I searched for a soft ruler on Jingdong, and found that the ordinary soft ruler was less than 2 yuan, Jingdong did not deliver, and the soft ruler delivered by Jingdong was an industrial ruler with a price of more than 30 yuan, and I made a mistake for a while. But if you are really in a hurry to use it, the store near the supermarket downstairs is not in stock, what should I do? Suddenly I had a wit, don't all the sewing boxes now have soft rulers? The total price is 10 yuan, and it is useful for me to buy a sewing box!

Such small things, having seen more, can naturally think about them when needed.
The greater the knowledge, the more we see, the more methodology, and we will be able to deal with problems from a better angle.
When I first started looking for a job, many people said that selling this job is especially exercised and can get rich quickly. Can a freshly graduated seller earn more than a code farmer? I don't know. But selling people to exercise and make people grow quickly is certain. Sales face customers with different personalities and styles every day, contact with customers from all walks of life, knowledge or active or passive will be greater than ordinary back-office staff, plus in order to get customers and orders, each salesperson has to work hard to learn the company's industry knowledge and the common sense of the customer's industry, so as to become more professional. Such an experience is extremely valuable to anyone.Long-term accumulation allows salespeople to see things more completely and think more comprehensively, which also explains why most executives are from sales...
If you want to be able to stand higher and see more clearly, you must have rich experience. In the face of age, no one can be confident enough that their views are the most accurate. The best way is to keep a curious heart, read more information, read more newspapers, eat less snacks and exercise more.

Purely personal feelings, welcome guidance. I wish every reader prosperous.

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