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questions :masseter hyperyrophy
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Masseter hypertrophy, also known as benign masseter hypertrophy, is not uncommon in the face shape of Eastern peoples. Simple masseter hypertrophy is rare, and clinically masseter hypertrophy is mostly accompanied by mandibular angle hypertrophy. At present, the cause of mandibular angle hypertrophy is unknown, but it includes: masseter muscle, temporal muscle, internal pterygoid muscle, external pterygoid muscle, etc. Therefore, the occurrence of masseter muscle hypertrophy is generally related to people's chewing habits and eating habits, such as eating hard foods in the diet or eating snacks and gum habits. It is also believed that masseter hypertrophy is related to genetic factors, and there is indeed familial masseter hypertrophy clinically. With the penetration of Western aesthetic concepts, the plastic surgery of hypertrophic mandibles and hypertrophic masseter muscles has become a hot spot for facial contour surgery.At present, clinically, there are many methods for the treatment of benign masseter hypertrophy, and in view of the clarity of efficacy, surgical resection and botulinum toxin injection are still used more for the treatment of benign masseter hypertrophy. Clinically, simple removal of hypertrophic masseter muscles is relatively rare, such as masseter muscles are indeed hypertrophied, and general surgery is more likely to remove part of the masseter muscles while removing the mandibular angle...

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