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questions :History of green economy
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The term "green economy" originates from the book "Green Economy Blueprint" published by British environmental economist Peirce in 1989. Environmental economists believe that economic development must be affordable by the natural environment and human beings, and will not cause social division and ecological crisis due to the blind pursuit of production growth, and will not make the economy unable to develop sustainably because of the depletion of natural resources. Many environmentally friendly technologies, such as cleaner production processes, are transformed into productivity to achieve sustainable economic growth through environmentally friendly or environmentally-neutral economic behaviors.The essence of green economy is to maintain the living environment of human beings, reasonably protect resources and energy and benefit human health as the characteristics of economic development, is a balanced economy, the development of green economy is the fundamental negation of the traditional economic development model of several centuries since the industrial revolution, and is the inevitable trend of world economic development in the 21st century.China should take advantage of the trend to take ecology, knowledge and sustainability as the goal, transform the existing non-sustainable black economy with serious resource consumption and environmental pollution, establish and improve the ecological economic development system, and promote the ecology of science and technology, the ecology of productive forces, and the ecology of the national economic system, so as to make socialist China in the 21st century a green economic power...

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