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Adsorption: When a fluid comes into contact with a porous solid, one or more components in the fluid accumulate on the surface of the solid, a phenomenon called adsorption.

Adsorption also refers to the phenomenon in which the surface of a substance (mainly a solid substance) absorbs molecules or ions from the surrounding medium (liquid or gas).
Adsorption belongs to a mass transfer process, the molecules inside the substance and the surrounding molecules have a gravitational attraction to each other, but the molecules on the surface of the substance, in which the force outside the relative material is not fully exerted, so the surface of the liquid or solid substance can adsorb other liquids or gases, especially in the case of a large surface area, this adsorption force can produce a great effect, so the industry often uses a large area of substances for adsorption, such as activated carbon, water film, etc.

Adsorbents, adsorbents: The components that accumulate on the surface of solids are called adsorbents or adsorbates, and porous solids are called adsorbents.
Broadly speaking, it refers to the adsorption phenomenon of gas or liquid on the surface of the solid. The solid is called the adsorbent, and the adsorbed substance is called the adsorbate. According to the nature of the intermolecular binding force between the adsorbate and the adsorbent surface, it can be divided into physical adsorption and chemical adsorption. The heat of adsorption is usually large, such as the adsorption of hydrogen by nickel catalysts in gas-phase catalytic hydrogenation.In chemical production, adsorption refers to the use of solid adsorbents to treat the fluid mixture, and adsorb one or several components contained in it on the solid surface, so that the mixture components are separated, which is a unit operation belonging to the mass transfer separation process, which mainly involves physical adsorption...

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