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questions :2010-08-09 Lolita Cheng-10 what is?
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2010-08-09 What is Lolita 10?

1. Lolita originally meant to refer to those 9-14 years old clean, transparent young body full of elf-like fatal temptation, immature body and skin that exudes natural luster, unguarded way of action, people can't put it down but can't bear to touch the girl.

2. The Lolita we first heard was the name of a novel and the name of a 12-year-old girl. And those who have come into contact with Western culture will find that the name of this novel "Lolita" comes from those girls who wear miniskirts and mature makeup but have girly bangs, which is simply the situation of "girls wearing girl clothes".
3. When "Lolita" spread to Japan. The Japanese regard Lolita as a synonym for cute girls, and uniformly refer to girls under the age of 14 as "Lolita Dai", and the attitude has changed to "girls wear girly clothes", that is, mature women's yearning for young girls. And almost all oriental "Lolita" dress themselves up with the court dolls in the movie "The Tale of the Lower Wife" as the standard. The Hong Kong version of "Lolita" came from this, and the Cantonese version of Lolita, which is accustomed to learning from Hong Kong, is the same. Lolitas are concentrated in the age of 13-25 years old, they do not have the need to desperately pretend to be tender, more often they are looking for a new attitude towards dressing, and the search for a beautiful and unusual lifestyle.

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