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LC terminology Daquan

(2)evidencing shipment from China to…CFR by steamer in transit Saudi Arabia not later than 15th July, 1987 of the goods specified below of shipment

  (1)bills of lading must be dated not later than August 15, 1987

  (2)shipment must be effected not later than(or on)July 30,1987

  (3)shipment latest date…

  (4)evidencing shipment/despatch on or before…

  (5)from China port to … not later than 31st August, 1987  3.partial shipments and transhipment

  (1)partial shipments are (not) permitted

  (2)partial shipments (are) allowed (prohibited)

(3)without transhipment

  (4)transhipment at Hongkong allowed

  (5)partial shipments are permissible, transhipment is allowed except at…

  (6)partial/prorate shipments are perimtted

  (7)transhipment are permitted at any port against, through B/lading

  Date & Address of Expiry

  1. valid in…for negotiation until…

  2.draft(s) must be presented to the negotiating(or drawee)bank not later than…

  3.expiry date for presention of documents…

  4.draft(s) must be negotiated not later than…

  5.this L/C is valid for negotiation in China (or your port) until 15th, July 1977

6.bills of exchange must be negotiated within 15 days from the date of bills of lading but not later than August 8, 1977

  7.this credit remains valid in China until 23rd May, 1977(inclusive)

  8.expiry date August 15, 1977 in country of beneficiary for negotiation

  9.draft(s) drawn under this credit must be presented for negoatation in China on or before 30th August, 1977

  10.this credit shall cease to be available for negotiation of beneficairy's drafts after 15th August, 1977

  11.expiry date 15th August, 1977 in the country of the beneficiary unless otherwise

12.draft(s) drawn under this credit must be negotiation in China on or before August 12, 1977 after which date this credit expires

  13.expiry (expiring) date…

  14.…if negotiation on or before…

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