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World Environment Day

1974 Only one Earth

1975 Human Settlements

1976 Water: Vital Resource for Life

1977 Ozone Layer Environmental Concern; Lands Loss and Soil Degradation; Firewood

1978 Development Without Destruction

1979 Only One Future for Our Children - Development Without Destruction

1980 A New Challenge for the New Decade: Development Without Destruction1981 Ground Water; Toxic Chemicals in Human Food Chains and Environmental Economics

1982 Ten Years After Stockholm (Renewal of Environmental Concerns)

1983 Managing and Disposing Hazardous Waste: Acid Rain and Energy

1984 Desertification

1985 Youth: Population and the Environment

1986 A Tree for Peace

1987 Environment and Shelter: More Than A Roof

1988 When People Put the Environment First, Development Will Last

1989 Global Warming; Global Warning

1990 Children and the Environment

1991 Climate Change. Need for Global Partnership

1992 Only One Earth, Care and Share

1993 Poverty and the Environment - Breaking the Vicious Circle

1994 One Earth One Family

1995 We the Peoples: United for the Global Environment

1996 Our Earth, Our Habitat, Our Home

1997 For Life on Earth

1998 For Life on Earth - Save Our Seas

1999 Our Earth - Our Future - Just Save It!

2000 2000 The Environment Millennium - Time to Act

2001 Connect with the World Wide Web of life

2002 Give Earth a Chance

2003 Water - Two Billion People are Dying for It!

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