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The economic value of birds

The economic value of birds, very extensive. Its use can be divided into six types:

    1. Poultry. Like chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, quail, etc., mainly to provide mankind with a source of protein. By pheasant domesticated poultry, such as chickens jungle fowl ancestors, ancestors mallard duck, goose family ancestors geese.

So you can take advantage of the continuous improvement of wild birds breed, because pheasants have large size, fast growth, disease resistance and other characteristics, is a very rich gene pool. Then you can expand domesticated pheasant poultry species.

Now people began keeping such great bustard, swans, brown-eared pheasant, etc., in the future they may become a new breed of poultry, therefore, we need to protect pheasant.

    2. Hunting birds. Like wild ducks and chicken, meat and edible, its feathers do lupine, headwear, jackets, duvets, only properly handle the relationship between protection and utilization, it can become a can regenerate, inexhaustible important resource.    3. Poultry manure. Birds concentrated habitat, migration settled, and often is a major producer of phosphate fertilizer. Paracel Islands boobies as manure left piled up several meters thick.

    4. Medicinal birds. We are more familiar bone chicken and birds have nests, as well as Gallus gallus, white cloves.

    5. Served with poultry. Like the goshawk, sparrow hawk, cormorant, etc., is that people were hunting and fishing activities, good assistant.

    6. Ornamental birds. Like a peacock, duck, thrush, lark, parrots.

    Because the birds have a variety of uses, so it has brought to mankind enormous economic value.

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