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Service (After-sales service)

What is the service

Service refers to a series of services manufacturers, distributors of the product (or service) after sales to consumers, provide consumers, including product introduction, delivery, installation, commissioning, maintenance, technical training, on-site service . Service is an important measure of the production unit responsible for the consumer, but also a way to enhance product competitiveness. Content service includes:

1, on behalf of the consumer installation, commissioning products;

2, according to consumer requirements, technical guidance on the use of other aspects;

3, to ensure the supply of repair parts;

4, responsible for maintenance services;5, the product of "three guarantees", namely repair, replacement or return. Now many people think that after-sales service is to "three guarantees", which is a narrow understanding;

6, the handling of consumer letters and visits, to answer consumer advice. Meanwhile a variety of ways to collect consumer opinions on the quality of products, and promptly improve accordingly.

Service Policy

Comprehensive after-sales service policy

An enterprise to provide consumers with the required after-sales service the whole process of all, this strategy is suitable for almost all high economic value, long life cycle, complex and highly technical products, while access to the greatest range of consumers satisfaction, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and expand market share, to bring good economic and social benefits.

In a market economy, forcing enterprises to adopt competition between talent, quality, price and other aspects of competitive service must be the important means to adopt effective competition policies. Comprehensive after-sales service policy can receive some services that do not receive the intended effect is to maximize the effectiveness of the product and promote sales. Therefore, the direction of development of enterprise products and services strategy. The beginning of the seventies, the Japanese car makers eager to open the majority of the European market, in order to increase the visibility of Japanese cars to win the favor of customers in Europe, took an active advertising campaign, inexpensive high-quality marketing mix strategy and a series of marketing It means, but ignored the service, so it always reach the intended results, the market share of only 12%. After some time, the clever Japanese businessmen adjustment of product strategy across Europe set up tens of thousands of automotive service and repair outlets, comprehensive service strategies to eliminate customer dissatisfaction and improve visibility and reputation of Japanese cars, so market share of about 43%, received the desired results.

Special Service Policy

It refers most other companies do not provide after-sales service to consumers. Satisfy consumer needs, this policy applies to relatively high economic value, not too long a product life cycle, especially seasonal and patented products. This strategy tends to have the following characteristics:

(L) reflect excellent product characteristics and unique services, to meet the material needs of the customer, while psychologically get full enjoyment.

(2) the special needs of specific consumption, due to the different physical, psychological and cultural backgrounds, the part of consumers with special service requirements, enterprises should to be met by a special service, competitive product after-sales service, is the operator of the wisdom and innovation competition, good thinking, inventiveness, is bound to continue to broaden the market for products to win consumers.

An air-conditioner manufacturer in southern China, during the Spring Festival has been fantastic and also engage in three, "my mind the best product," Grand Prix, in the newspaper, issued tens of thousands of leaflets, meanwhile, sent door to door-to-door sales staff to explain, and free air conditioner maintenance service activities conducted so that the manufacturer's image not only deeply rooted in the minds of consumers, but also expand the influence, many consumers in the summer of that year, the economic benefits to the enterprise is quite good and social benefits.

Appropriate service strategy

An enterprise based on business objectives, market conditions, product characteristics and consumer demand, only to provide a particular service to buyers of certain services, such policies generally suitable for small and medium enterprises to adopt. These enterprises due to limited manpower, material and financial resources, in order to control production costs and service costs, can only provide the best service project appropriate for most consumers. Otherwise, the cost and price of products and services will be greatly improved, product sales and cost of business tends to decrease. Because of this service policy only provides consumers proposed appropriate service projects, will give up other services, so that consumers are not want full-service, discontent, dissatisfaction will turn even more intense emotions buy competitors' products, resulting in decreased business product sales, market share and economic benefits. Therefore, this policy only in the consumer attaches importance to product quality and price, is not very great importance to products, service, and content services and the project is not much use if you can. Some garment factories, shoe factories and other services are using this strategy.

In short, the advantages of an appropriate service strategy can effectively reduce and control the costs of production and services, enterprise limited human, material and financial resources into the development and production areas, so as to expand the production scale, open up the market, the disadvantage is possible lead to consumer dissatisfaction and weaken competitiveness. English Online Service

Therefore, when using this strategy, we need to carefully determine the services. Service content and service objects, and with the ever-changing business strength and market demand in a timely manner to improve after-sales service policy.

How to deal with customer complaints and complaints

Handling customer complaints and complaint tricks

1, a little more patience

In the actual processing, to patiently listen to customer complaints, customers do not easily break the narrative, but also do not criticize lack of customers, but to encourage customers to continue to let them enjoy the play to talk to vent their dissatisfaction, while patiently listening to the customer After the talk and complain, when they got to meet the vent, it will be able to compare naturally only listen to service staff to explain and apologize.

2, the attitude a little better

Customers complain or complaints is showing customers are not satisfied with the company's products and services, psychologically, they feel they are being ill-treated him, so if unfriendly attitude in the process, make them feel the psychological and emotional very poor, will worsen the relationship between the customer and vice versa if the service is sincere, polite and enthusiastic, will reduce the customer's arrival melt mood. As the saying goes: "angry people who do not fight smiling," humble and friendly attitude, the solution will encourage customers to level mood, sensible negotiation to solve the problem and service personnel.

3, a little fast action

Action to deal with complaints and complaints quickly, the one can make the customer feel respected, and second, to represent the enterprise to solve the problem of sincerity, three to timely prevent negative contamination customers enterprise more harm, four to the loss can be honest to at least, such as parking fees, parking fees, etc., generally received customer complaints or complain of information, namely customer call or fax, to understand the specific content of the program and then negotiate a good deal in the enterprise, the best answer to the customer the same day.

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