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Lu Pu-wei: merchant originator

Fan Li Tao Zhu, although there will be quite a proper way of doing business, is seen as a symbol of the rich, has been considered to be descendants of the ancestors businessman, but before doing business Fan Li, a great general Goujian, retired after gold and silver as a significant business capital, therefore, Fan Li's success in business, there are objective conditions. In contrast Lu Pu-wei, but it is starting from scratch, a little older, it would be the richest man in Zhao capital Handan, compared with the originator of the Lu Pu as a businessman I humbly believe is more appropriate.

Lu Pu-wei from scratch, how to dig the pot of gold, has still not be verified, but has not yet taken the age of marriage has become a country's richest man, certainly not by selling vegetables, selling several meat bun able to achieve. Zhao then combined with historical and geographical analysis of Lu Pu-wei of making money, that is also very contemporary inspiration, from which we can see his business genius, but also worthy of the title of the originator merchant.1, a valuable commodity theory:

Lu Pu good cheap feed more expensive, which is at least the theoretical commercial, it is difficult to simply relying on fortune. He's a valuable commodity theory, it is the key to his fortune. He can a man (An Guojun's son, later Zhuangxiang Wang Qin, when Zhao was sent as a hostage, known as proton different people.) As the hoarding of goods, but also what kind of things do not come out dry? There are at least one thing is certain, Lu Pu primitive accumulation of capital, it must rely on shady business to accumulate. Have there been any illegal financing research yet, but I believe the sale of salt smuggling, smuggling business that ultimately, his jewelry, because at the time of Zhao, which are goods on.

2, the first person in international trade:

Lu Pu-wei is the late Warring States Patriotic people, but defending a small, economically underdeveloped, so he put commodity trade to Zhao, and the company headquarters was built in Zhao. Zhao was a vassal state of the roads, celebrity-studded countries, relatively developed economy; choose to go abroad Lu Pu Zhao as its export trade country, not only the Lu Pu-wei became the first person to open up international trade in history, It is enough to see his unique economic perspective.

3, collusion pioneer:

Good package their Lu Pu, in order to put his business peaked in close contact with the nobles, the government rushed to greet Lu Zhao officials most is elegant, diplomats countries also Lu House regulars, which makes him business and officialdom have inextricably linked, in expanding their visibility, but also make their own business development to provide more opportunities. He created precept businessman with official cooperation is still considered a success by many successful businessmen preferred way.

From the above three points, we can see that really should be Buwei businessman originator.

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The way I take it, or I think most Chinese would take this Idiom is slightly dierffent from what you're saying. the meaning of 三人成虎 is actually closer to Repeat a lie a thousand times and it becomes the truth . LOL apparently we Chinese only need 3 people to repeat it. It's very close to what you're saying, but slightly dierffent.
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