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Electronic card locks for hotels and furnished apartments

In the name of Allah the Merciful

Gate Foundation for the perfect finish for electronic Hotels and furnished apartments and accessories doors

Domain experience the hotel for more than 7 years.

We are pleased to serve you providing the latest models and best price international brands, professional systems to the most prestigious

Hotels and furnished apartments to suit the largest customer segments to meet the client's needs.

Specially designed locks to fit Weather Saudi Arabia of carrying moisture up from 20% to 90% and take the temperature of -20 to 65

And endurance and resistance All this and more is also characterized locks are easy to use and install.Locksmith works without the need for extensions or electricity because it is powered by AA size to operate for more than 4 months at a minimum because it works Holograms

(Power saving) energy conservation and consumption is not depending on usage and duration of use.

Locks also come with an easy to use program to print reports and determine the times and days of entry and exit of the client with the card suspended after expiration of the period and more than that in

One program.

There is also Saving energy crisis to provide the greatest possible cost of electricity with the possibility of running time and date and figures client rooms where electricity does not work

But through the hotel card only.

We also have models and colors and formations are very distinctive.

It can also be installed on the old Basahel closing roads and less expensive without the need for extensions.

Ensure comprehensive Accessories and locks for more than 7 years and the possibility of delivery within 7 days.

And we have projects in the cities of the Kingdom (Jeddah - Makkah - Taif - Medina - Riyadh

- Dammam and Khobar - Qassim - Abha - patio - Kharma - stems - Buraidah - Gazan) and still giving the rest of the question and the best proof.

There is a special section for customer service and follow-up and after-sales service.

Customer satisfaction and excellence and the search for new Hua secret of our success.

Title - Jeddah - Forty Street intersection with the airport clasped before Janadriah station

Mobile and Alwats - 0564674446 to 0564990077

Telephone - 6077976-012

Fax - 6128579-012

For further inquiries, please reconnect us in any time.

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