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Plants also have left-handed and right-handed points

As we all know, people often left-handed and right-handed points. Statistics show that more than left-handers and right-handers are more than seven times.

    So, if there is a plant divided right-handed left-handed? The answer: Yes.

    Plant leaves, flowers, fruits, stems may have another left-handed or right-handed - The left-handed or right-handed.

    Mallow is a typical left-handed majority of plants. L-leaf mallow mallow leaves is 4.6 times of the right-handed. In addition, the green beans are left-handed than right-handed leaf leaves 2.3 times, 1.7 times more Raspberry, linden multiple of 1.2 times.

    On the contrary, like barley, wheat and the like plant, is the right-handed majority of plants. Right-handed than left-handed barley leaf leaves 17.5 times more; wheat is 1.6 times more.

    Usually right-handed people, the right hand is more developed, powerful; and left-handed person, the opposite. Plants also have a similar phenomenon. Dextrose plant, handed than left-handed leaf leaves too strong, plump; while the left-handed left-handed leaf plant is more vigorous than the right-hand leaf, plump.

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