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Book and plant

Books, records the development of human history, recording people's minds, become a loyal ambassador of the human spirit Treasure. Now the book is a multi-page white paper constituted ancient books may not like this.

    In China's first "book" it is a book composed of people the word engraved on the shells, and later the Spring and Autumn Period, people found it easier lettering on the wood or bamboo, they had a lot of bamboo, wood series string together, called Jane, slips , then look at this "book" can be really strenuous, there are only a few pounds heavier weight.

    Western Han Dynasty, made with cotton fiber paper, can be particularly rough, then later Cai Lun improved papermaking, which is one of the four great inventions of this paper is smooth, light, so a lot of paper to do the book appeared, later papermaking extended to the world, to promote the development of world civilization.    To the present, the papermaking process also advanced more, but could not escape the wood, cotton, linen, bamboo, reed, bagasse, rice straw and wheat straw as a raw material of these plants. Chopped these things, and sent a high cooking a large pot, then react with chemicals to form a pulp; then filtered, bleached, and then fiber finishing supple, forking, rosin, brighteners, feeding paper machine; drying after paging has become very smooth and clean of paper. Zhang Zhangjie watched this white paper, who would have thought that many of the plants behind it?

    In ancient Egypt, people after a local papyrus stems cut into slices, bonding Cheng Zhang flatten, and then another one in the direction perpendicular to the paper stem pressure on it, it stems made of paper, people dipped in the juice cuttlefish ink fountain write on, do painting, became famous ancient Egyptian handicrafts.

    South Asia India with leaves on it to do the book lettering, above the Buddhist records, historical events, as well as literary works, has become a precious cultural relics.

    China's Yunnan Dai expressed in a Berto leaves make paper to write.

    The ancient Mayans invented the Americas fig leaf paper, on top of writing a book, and later by the Spanish invaders almost entirely destroyed, leaving only three bark book, backwards people showed their extraordinary intelligence.

    Plants like this, in the human wisdom became under various "paper", silently but very faithful to mankind made a great contribution, along with the progress of human civilization became best friends.

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