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All about you

Singer : 米茄子Eggplant

The album : 《All about you》

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All about youlyrics Music :米茄子Eggplant

Singer :米茄子Eggplant

For the moment

i see your face

to be crazy i know

I can see the day

all the way

can't u whisper to me

Thanks to the god

tell me why I lost

dreaming about the destiny i saw

get sunrise for the time

leave so much to believe the fate

and get a call from my heart

It’s all about you

all of you of all the chances I caught

It’s all about the way the day the rain I understood

It’s getting cold outside the window

and the train stand in space and for the dream and pain

And because of the chancy

i win

For the moment

i see your face

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