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"Good as gold" from the Han Dynasty

In the "Great Han", there is a very interesting phenomenon, everyone answered all "Snow." This is a unique language and customs of the Han Dynasty. As of today, we see in Chinese dictionary "stuck", "good as gold", it is said to begin since then.

Finding fault articles

In addition to the media stir before Sima Qian bearded classic mistake, the reporter on the history of Chinese experts also find the following error for readers to explore.

1. Han Dynasty costumes: According to experts, men wear pants Han Dynasty, the woman's hair is not as Hari play, high collar clothing too thick, but also to be studied, these can refer Mawangdui Han Dynasty unearthed in Portrait of a Lady .

2. Han Dynasty no stirrups. According to historical records, the Han people launched no stirrups, and the "Great Han" in it everywhere.3. Han Dynasty no chairs. Furnishings also a problem, the Han people are sitting cross-legged, and no chairs.

4. Han Dynasty no paper. Text is recorded in the Han bamboo or silk brocade, but play a soldier to open sealed with box, seals it is yellow paper.

5. Han Dynasty said Qing words. The third focus, Dou Ying Yuan Ang see, and he discussed slashing Wu Yuzhang, Hueiji two counties feasible thing, actually say "the world rise and fall, everyone is responsible," the words, in fact, this is the Ming and Qing Gu famous.

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