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Emperor Wu of the Western Han strategy: C-shaped ring of encirclement

"Jun solitary ruin, the born Ju Ze among Hirano longer the domain of cattle, a few to the border, ready to travel to China. His Majesty independent, solitary ruin alone. Two main no music, no self at risk, willing all, it is easy to The no. "

This is a love letter two thousand years ago.

With today's buzzword is "the girl about?" If men and women flirting just next door, so be it. The problem is that, in addition to be a love letter, or a credentials.

Write it, surnamed twin leather shoes, name Modu. Its income, surnamed Lu, name pheasants.

Back to this "love letter", related to the war and the rise and fall of two empires.

C-shaped ring of encirclement

Modu Before writing this letter, Liu died. Han was entrusted to his wife. Lvzhi that year aged 46, recently widowed. She could not bear the desecration and mocked the king of the Huns, she should cut messenger, sent troops to the north, hit it! Fan Kuai aside plead: May with 100,000 cavalry, rampant Hun! Season cloth quickly restrained: When Han emperor personally led 320,000, were trapped in the Huns Biden, Fan Kuai you as a general, still can not save, this Ann dare to 100,000 rampant nonsense!Lvzhi showed a politician's mind, and a woman's forbear. At that moment she was great. I wrote in reply: David to you, and to let our country was first built it. However, not guilty of this, you come if you want to tread plug, they have under weigh their own weight. This reply reasonable manner. Han descendants them registering as "strong Chinese" does not know the strong pressure Hun Empire, but also must learn to keeping a low profile.

Power and strength proportional. Between countries, has always been a law of the jungle. Today, he was in too. Modu have the capital of the Han Dynasty Empress Dowager shame. At this point the Hun empire, has occupied east Mountains, west Congling vast territory south of the Great Wall, north to Lake Baikal, "300,000 people in control string, all lead the bow of all the people as a whole." This means that all the prairie tribes will provide manpower and tax Huns. According to the law all soldiers nomads, the Huns and the Central Plains have enough to contend large formation.

From the geopolitical point of view, back to the Han Dynasty Huns laid a "C-shaped ring of encirclement." The encirclement of two floors. The inner layer is west and Monan: west (now the Yellow River in Gansu west) repair Tu Hun king stationed right side, Hunxie, you can directly threaten Han Longxi; Monan to places Hetao Plain as the core, stationed Aries Wang, Loufan king, threatening Han Yamanashi (now Hebei Yuxian), Yanmen (now Shanxi behalf of the county), Dingxiang (now Inner Mongolia and Lingle), Kamigori (now Shaanxi Yulin City) and the like. Especially in Henan, the only less than 500 km away from Chang'an, Hun cavalry to run a little faster, two days to go.

The outer layer is Hehuang and Mobei. Hehuang in eastern Qinghai, a large number of Zhu Mu Qiang tribe, through the Hexi Corridor, and the Huns joint action beyond the Great Wall; Mobei is Attila court location, Chanyu system in this remote tribes.

Hun In addition to keeping the military pressure on the Chinese, but also actively cultivate a fifth column, and Zhao, Wu, Chu and other dark-prince. Fortunately Rebellion of the Seven States quickly put down, or else lead the way party echoes ride straight into the north, Han country was not guaranteed.

For newborn Han Dynasty, the and pro, tribute, reward, may be the only way. However, outside of keeping a low profile, strong Chinese force in savings. After Wenjing's respite, to the Han Dynasty, "Yu are rustic barns are full, and the treasuries over their goods, capital of the huge money tired million, or consistent rotten and can not school." Han counterattack coming! But no fixed abode Hun, Hun Han and large-scale war, even win, or can break their limbs, but can not break the fundamental, the vast grassland, gray desert, a few one million square kilometers, how Levington?

God gave Han a chance monarch.

From the Han Dynasty Huns Xiangzu say that the Huns Xipo a man named yueshi nomads, their heads made the drinking vessels of King. Yueshi home country hate hatred, hope and allied countries were hit the Huns. To pass so yueshi be by way of the Huns, all the way dangerous, maybe on account of the way. The court issued the order to recruit a candidate Langguan called Zhang Qian.

Zhang Qian Hanzhong people, here south of Sichuan, north off belonging thoroughfare, which broadened the horizons Zhang Qian. And good at martial arts and archery, but also as a prerequisite Langguan. Zhang Qian's mission more than 100 people, starting from Longxi, embarked on a long road westbound. Here's mission, in addition to Han to the suite, Jiang Li, and possibly private entrepreneurs - seek wealth and risk, high profits can only urge people onto the absolute domain. Hunting the ranks thanks to both objects, but also merchant goods.

On historical records, Zhang Qian and his party were soon caught Hun soldiers, was also brought Wang Ting, Chanyu personally asked him: yueshi in northwest Hun Han so wish for? If I send ambassador to South Vietnam, to go through Han, Han you wish it? Zhang Qian Hun trapped in a dozen years, get married and have children, but to preserve the Chinese section yet. With increasingly lax custody, Zhang Qian and part of the entourage escaped Huns, westbound dozens of days, came to a country. This is yueshi it? No. Here called Dawan, Zhang Qian Wang explained to Dawan Hunting intentions, and depicts the Han rich, hope that with the flak, Dawan aspect will guide guidelines Zhang Qian and his party, the Healthy reach yueshi.

At this time yueshi have occupied the territory of Central Asian countries big summer, fertile comfortable, with no ambition revenge. Zhang Qian spent a year, then by the Nanshan (Kunlun Mountains) return, when way Qinghai Qiang area, and caught the Huns, take Chanyu new death, the domestic chaos of the occasion, his wife was with the Huns, the wizard Gan father returned to Chang'an . Departure of more than 100 people, only two of Zhang Qian and the Father Gan.

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